Thank you for your interest in supporting young women and the Young Democrats of America (YDA) Women's Caucus Mentorship Breakfast!

Today young women turn to female leadership in the political sphere to help them pursue fulfilling careers and life experiences. Mentors can provide guidance along the way and help them up the pipeline to political leadership.

YDA Women's Caucus recognizes this and is committed to connecting young women to political programs, organizations, and networking opportunities that foster these very connections. Hundreds of young women from 56 states and territories will be in attendance, with varying levels of political experience. This breakfast will bring them together with California women from a variety of leadership backgrounds, including elected officials, political strategists, community activists, business leaders, attorneys and other female trailblazers in public service.

We would be honored to have your assistance in making these personal conversations happen at our national convention in San Francisco. Only with your help can this be possible!

Please consider sponsoring this breakfast event at one of the following levels, or at a level within your means -

  • $25 will support a breakfast attendee
  • $100 will support a table
  • $250 will support 3 tables
  • $500 will support 6 tables, and an official co-sponsorship of the event

If you would like to donate via check, you can address checks to:

YDA Women's Caucus
PO Box 65126
Tacoma, WA 98464
If you are interested in additional sponsorship levels, please contact Jill Habig,

Would you like to submit a note to be forwarded to young women from your state or city? Email it to

For more information on the YDA Women's Caucus visit, or contact Stephanie Strazisar, Women's Caucus Chair, at

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Contributions to YDA Women's Caucus are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal and state income tax purposes. YDA Women's Caucus is a part of the Young Democrats of America, a 527 that can accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, partnerships and unions.