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Doing Good in Your Neighborhood:
Young Dems make hygene packs in Katrina region

By Anna Weisfeiler (MA)
Jackson, Mississippi, Young Democrats from across the country had more on their minds than just the recent sweeping Democratic victory and organizational business. Beyond simply learning about their host state, YDA members wanted to give back to the community they were visiting and help those affected by the Katrina.. Read more and see pictures...

YDA in Taiwan

By Luther Lowe (AR)
From the YDA Minority Caucus Listserv
College Caucus Chair Luther Lowe recently spent a week in Taiwan to represent YDA in a program hosted by the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan. During the trip, YDA was represented as part of an international delegation to observe democratic processes and provide feedback. Read more...

Speaker Pelosi:
We Kept Our Promise

Via email
"We have demonstrated that the Congress of the United States is not a place where good ideas and the optimism of the American people go to die. It's a place where issues that are relevant to the everyday lives of America's working families will receive the respect and the change they desire."
- Speaker Pelosi, 1/18/07

Would you Like to Be a Delegate to the
DNC Presidential Nominating Convention in 2008?

By Chris Gallaway (VA)
As an active Democrat, you have the unique opportunity to be a part of the 2008 presidential race in an exciting way - as a delegate to the DNC Presidential Nominating Convention that is being held in Denver, CO. Read more...

Policy Makers should focus on uninsured youth

By Lauren B. Goode (OH)
Bird flu. Meningitis. Sexually transmitted diseases. With the threat of global pandemic and the continued spread of infectious diseases, the fact that many young people are uninsured is troubling. In 2004, 13.7 million young adults aged 19 to 29 completely lacked health care insurance.  Read more...

Spread the Word

As young people we are uniquely positioned to leverage the power of social software to spread our message.  On the morning of election day, YDA started a campaign to encourage using a YDA logo as your profile pic on social networking services:  If you haven't changed your profile pic and/or added YDA as a Friend on MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, or Spaces, now is a great time to do so. 


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