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About TechDems

TechDems is an informal volunteer network of technology professionals who donate their technology-specific expertise to assist Democratic campaigns.

TechDems was founded by technology professionals in the Seattle, WA area and has been operating a small website since April of 2004. 

In February 2006, we are launching the Help Desk project with an automated notifications system and an open volunteer sign-up

As our group expands, we hope to be able to expand the topics covered by the Help Desk and to help campaigns and volunteers make connections for



Below are Frequently Asked Questions about TechDems

Help Desk

Q: How does the TechDems Help Desk work?
A: This is a web and email-based system for answering short technology questions.

As a campaign staff member:

  1. Visit and ask a question using the Help Desk web form.

  2. Receive a reply to your question via email usually in less than 24 hours.

As a TechDems Help Desk volunteer:

  1. You get an email notification of a question in your area of expertise and a link.

  2. You click the link and answer the question.

  3. Your answer is sent and other area experts are notified (via email with the same subject line) so that effort is not duplicated.

Q: How do I ask a question of the Help Desk?
A: Go to our website ( and click "Help Desk"

Q: How long will it take to get a response from the Help Desk?
A: Usually responses take less than 24 hours.

Q: How do I volunteer for the Help Desk?
A: Go to our website ( and click "Volunteer"

Q: Why are you only answering questions for certain campaigns?
A: To keep our response times short and to respect our volunteers' time, we are only expanding to a scope that can be supported by our volunteers.


Q: Are you a PAC, 501(c)(3), 527, etc?
A. No, we are not of these organizations.  TechDems as an organization does not raise or donate money, goods, or services to candidates.  We simply provide a forum for Democratic campaigns and technology professionals to connect.

Q: Who maintains this website?
A. This website is maintained by Rob Dolin of Seattle, WA.



Last updated: February 12, 2006

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