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Precinct Committee Officers (PCO's)

Your participation in the Democratic Party begins in your neighborhood.


King County is divided into 2,613 neighborhoods called precincts, many are only a few blocks in size. Most precincts have a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) who serves as the political representative for that neighborhood. PCOs walk their precinct before each election making sure their neighbors are registered voters, handing out election materials, and reminding people to vote. They also are a key player in spreading the word about Democratic candidates! PCOs are elected every two years in the November general election. It is also possible to be appointed as a PCO between elections, or to be appointed as an Acting PCO for a precinct in which you do not reside.

PCO Training (1.5 MB PowerPoint)

Become a PCO

  1. Find your Precinct through the polling place look-up
  2. Check the PCO list (linked on the left Nav) to see if your precinct has a PCO
  3. If your precinct has a PCO, contact your LD Chair to volunteer to "adopt" a neighboring precinct.
  4. If your precinct does not have a PCO, complete the appropriate PCO Form (linked below) and contact your LD chair about form submission.

Note: if you do not know your LD, use the Legislative District Lookup

PCO Form

Some Legislative Districts (32 and 46) require the signatures of ten registered voters on a PCO application, the others do not. You can print out the appropriate PCO Application Form below.

PCO Signature Form (for 32nd and 46th LD's)

PCO Non-signature Form (other LD's)


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