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King County Democrats Executive Board

The below people constitute the voting members and alternates of the King County Democratic Central Committee Executive Board as defined in the By-Laws (See link at left.)

For contact information see the Officers list and/or LD Pages.

KyoLadopoulos KCDCC Male Alt. 
JuanMartinez  Sgt-at-Arms
TinaShamseldin  Legislative/Issues
DeniseMackenstadt1KCDCC Female Rep. 
JeffWiley1Chair / President 
RoyWilkinson1Vice-Chair / VP 
DonBennett11Vice-Chair / VP 
AleneBrede11KCDCC Female Alt. 
DougDavies11KCDCC Male Rep. 
BonnieHarger11KCDCC Female Rep. 
MarcKearns11KCDCC Male Alt. 
EdPrince11Chair / President 
SusanSheary11 NoneChair
RamonaBrandes30KCDCC Female Alt. 
AlanDahl30KCDCC Male Rep. 
LarryJackson30Chair / President 
PaulMallary30KCDCC Male Rep. None
Nancy Rice30Vice-Chair / VP 
IngridCurtis31Vice-Chair / VP 
TimPearson31Chair / President 
AndrewRobinson31Vice-Chair / VP 
ChristianEggen32KCDCC Male Alt. 
MarylynHawkins32Vice-Chair / VP 
LarryOwens32KCDCC Male Rep. 
LilaSmith32Chair / President 
JeanThomas32KCDCC Female Alt. 
MarynWynne32KCDCC Female Rep. 
ElizabethBrant33KCDCC Female Rep. 
TimClark33Vice-Chair / VP 
LionelForde33KCDCC Male Rep. 
Tara JoHeinecke33Chair / President 
RobertPolwarth33KCDCC Male Alt. 
DebraSternberg33KCDCC Female Alt. 
TanyaAguilar34KCDCC Female Alt. 
BrianEarl34KCDCC Male Alt. 
AnnMartin34KCDCC Female Rep. 
IvanWeiss34Chair / President None
JudithHine36 NoneElections/Political
PeterHouse36Chair / President 
JasonSawatzki36KCDCC Male Rep. 
ShannaSawatzki36KCDCC Female Rep. 
JanisTraven36Vice-Chair / VP 
JoelWare36 By-laws / Prlmntrn
Dian Ferguson37KCDCC Female Rep. 
ElaineHartholz37KCDCC Female Alt. 
RobHolland37 None2nd Vice Chair
LonnieLusardo37Vice-Chair / VP 
GeneLux37KCDCC Male Alt. 
GurineNordby373rd Vice-Chair / VP4th Vice-Chair / VP
GwenRench37Chair / President 
AlecStephens37KCDCC Male Rep. 
BarbaraGeller41Chair / President 
LillianGoodman41KCDCC Female Alt. 
BobGunovick41Vice-Chair / VP 
RogerLarson41KCDCC Male Alt. 
SharonMast41WSDCC Female Rep.3rd Vice-Chair / VP
StevenStewart41KCDCC Male Rep. 
PatTaylor41 WSDCC Female Rep.
FrancesThomas41KCDCC Female Rep. 
CharlieBendock43KCDCC Male Alt. 
RobDolin43 NoneVice-Chair / VP
KatieEvans43KCDCC Female Alt. 
RichardKelley43Chair / President 
BillSherman43KCDCC Male Rep. 
DerekStanford43Vice-Chair / VP 
JayArnold45KCDCC Male Alt. 
MartinCaney45KCDCC Male Rep. 
OvinaFeldman45KCDCC Female Alt. 
RalphGorin45Chair / President 
TerryThorses45Vice-Chair / VP 
MelissaWaldie45KCDCC Female Rep. 
JaniceAmes46Vice-Chair / VP 
PatriciaEmerson46KCDCC Female Alt. 
DeanFournier46KCDCC Male Rep. 
AngelaHenry46 NoneSecretary
JimMullins46KCDCC Male Alt. 
SarajaneSiegfriedt46KCDCC Female Rep. 
JavierValdez46 WSDCC Male Rep.
ScottWhite46Chair / President 
MarieYamamoto46 2nd Vice-Chair / VP
SteveAllen47KCDCC Male Rep. 
RobinGuzzone47KCDCC Female Rep. 
BryanKesterson47Chair / President 
ErnestLondino47KCDCC Male Alt. 
EvelynReymond47Vice-Chair / VP 
KarenWescott47KCDCC Female Alt. 
BillAustin48KCDCC Male Alt. 
RishaDadoun48KCDCC Female Rep. 
BradHelland48KCDCC Male Rep. 
BeckyLewis48Vice-Chair / VP 
Benjaminvon Ullrich48Chair / President 
MaryWirta48KCDCC Female Alt. 
LesleyAustin5KCDCC Female Alt. None
KatrinaLadopoulos5KCDCC Female Rep. None
KayneMcGladrey5Chair / President 
JosephStegner5KCDCC Male Rep. 
KevinWhite5Vice-Chair / VP 
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