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The King County Democrats accept advertising on our website ( at the below prices and also subject to the below restrictions. 

  • File must be submitted in .gif or .jpg format at the size purchased
  • File must not exceed 30kb in size
  • Submission may include a web address (URL) for the advertisement to link to
  • Double charge for animated images
  • Prices are per month with and ad guaranteed to be
    live by the 3rd day of the month and
    up until the 27th day of the month
  • KC Dems reserves the right to reject any advertising including but not limited to advertising from candidates from other political parties or for candidates competing with KC Dems endorsed candidates
Location Size Price per month Number Available
Top banner 468px by 60px $250 2
Right side square (top 480px) 120px by 120px $125 1
Right side tall (top 480px) 120px by 240px $250 1
Right side square (480px - 720px) 120px by 120px $100 2*
Right side tall (480px - 720px) 120px by 240px $200 1*
Right side square ("below the fold") 120px by 120px $75 *
Right side tall ("below the fold") 120px by 240px $150 *

* = varies based on number of ads in similar space

To discuss an add purchase, contact Dan Becraft at: (206) 412-3535


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