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Acronyms and other terms

This page is intended to provide a listing of TLA's (Three Letter Acronyms) and other terms used in politics.  This is intended to be relatively basic and relevant to Washington state.  If you have additional suggestions, please contact

501(c)(3) - Named for its section of legislation, this is a non-profit charitable organization that does not engage in partisan politics

527 - Named for its section of legislation, this is an organization that does engage in partisan politics, but with rules different from political parties

ACT - America Coming Together - A left-leaning 527

AFL-CIO - American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations

AFSCME - American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees

Amazon - - online retailer and major Seattle employer

Constituent - Someone who resides in the area an EO represents

COS - Chief-of-Staff

DFA - Democracy for America - An advocacy organization founded by Howard Dean

DNC - Democratic National Committee

EO - Elected Official

HDCC - (Washington) House Democratic Campaign Committee

IAM - International Assoication of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

IBEW - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

IDF - Institute for a Democratic Future - A leadership program for younger Democrats

JK - John Kerry

LD - Legislative District

LD - Legislative Director - a Congressional staff member responsible for an EO's legislative staff

MDC - Metropolitan Democratic Club

Meet-up - a recurring get together of people with similar interests. 

Move-On - A left-leaning 527

MS - Microsoft

PCO - Precinct Committee Officer

KCDCC - King County Democratic Central Committee

KCYD - King County Young Democrats

LA - Legislative Assistant - a staff member of a EO working on legislation

Max-out - Donating the maximum allow-able contribution to a candidate

Member - Usually short for Member of Congress

SA - Staff Assistant - Someone working in an EO's office, often an entry-level position

SAM - Seattle Art Museum

SDCC - (Washington) Senate Democratic Campaign Committee

SEIU - Service Employees International Union

Surrogate - Someone who fills-in for a candidate or elected official

UFCW - United Food and Commercial Workers

VIP - Very Important Person - Usually used to refer to EO's, candidates, or surrogates

WEA - Washington Education Association (Teachers Union)

WSDCC - Washington State Democratic Central Committee

YD - Young Democrat

YDA - Young Democrats of America

YDWA - Young Democrats of Washington

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