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April Newsletter Posted

Our April 2006 newsletter is now available online

Posted on: 4/16/2006 10:44:32 PM by
URL for more info:


30th LD Change of Venue
The Legislative Districts of King County will caucus on April 22, 2006:


1 Canyon Park Junior High School,
23723 23rd Ave SE, Bothell, 98021

5 Issaquah Middle School - Commons Area,
400 1st Ave S, Issaquah 98027

11 Renton Carpenters Hall, 231 Burnett
Ave N, Renton 98055

30 *Changed: Meridian Court, 31420 23rd
Ave S, Federal Way, 98003

31 IBEW Hall, 3049 South 36th St., #102,
Tacoma 98409 *** 4/8/2006 ***

32 Room Nine Community School, 2800 NE
200th St., Shoreline 98155

33 Carpenters Specialties Training
Center, 20424 72nd Ave S, Kent 98032

34 Sealth High School, 2600 SW Thistle
Street, Seattle 98126

36 Whitman School, 9201 - 15th Ave NW,
Seattle 98117

37 SE Seattle Senior Center, 4655 South
Holly St, Seattle 98118

41 Hazelwood Elementary School, 6928
116th St, Newcastle 98056

43 Historic University Theatre, 5510
University Way NE, Seattle 98105

45 Redmond HS, 17272 NE 104th St, Redmond

46 Eckstein Middle School, 3003 NE 75th
St, Seattle 98115

47 Aerospace Machinists Local 751, 202 B
St SW, Auburn 98001
48 Lake Washington HS Library, 12033 NE
80th, Kirkland 98033

2:00 pm -- IAM Hall, 9125 15th Ave S,

as of 4/16/2006 pm, scs

Posted on: 4/16/2006 7:13:05 PM by
URL for more info:

Updated Legislative District Caucus Site Location

Including KCDCC Convention
The following reflects King County - Legislative District Caucus Site information as of 4/5/2006:


1 - Canyon Park Junior High School, 23723 23rd Ave SE, Bothell, 98021

5 - Issaquah Middle School - Commons Area, 400 1st Ave S, Issaquah 98027

11 - Renton Carpenters Hall, 231 Burnett Ave N, Renton 98055

30 TBD

31 - IBEW Hall, 3049 South 36th St., #102, Tacoma 98409 *** 4/8/2006 ***

32 - Room Nine Community School, 2800 NE 200th St., Shoreline 98155

33 - Carpenters Specialties Training Center, 20424 72nd Ave S, Kent 98032

34 - Sealth High School, 2600 SW Thistle Street, Seattle 98126

36 - Whitman School, 9201 - 15th Ave NW, Seattle 98117

37 - SE Seattle Senior Center, 4655 South Holly St, Seattle 98118

41 - Hazelwood Elementary School, 6928 116th St, Newcastle 98056

43 - Historic University Theatre, 5510 University Way NE, Seattle 98105

45 - Redmond HS, 17272 NE 104th St, Redmond 98052

46 - Eckstein Middle School, 3003 NE 75th St, Seattle 98115

47 - Aerospace Machinists Local 751, 202 B St SW, Auburn 98001

48 - Lake Washington HS Library, 12033 NE 80th, Kirkland 98033

KING COUNTY CONVENTION, 5/6/2006 - 2:00 pm -- IAM Hall, 9125 15th Ave S, Seattle

Posted on: 4/5/2006 1:53:48 PM by
URL for more info:

Senator Kerry Joining in the Support of Senator Cantwell

Reception at the Westin
Please join the Cantwell Campaign in welcoming US Senator John Kerry for a reception in honor of Washington State's own US Senator Maria Cantwell - Tuesday April 11, 2006, 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm. RSVP to Ansley at 206.217.2006 or email
Posted on: 3/31/2006 3:35:40 PM by
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Resolutions to be Sent to WSDCC and Senators
The King County Democratic Central Committee unanimously passed two resolutions on 3/28/2006: 1) To support Senator Feingold's call to censure Bush, and 2) To call for a special prosecutor to investigate the potential crimes of the Bush Administration. Resolutions will be sent to the State Party and to our U.S. Senators.

Posted on: 3/29/2006 1:14:20 AM by
URL for more info:

King County - Legislative District Caucus Locations

Democratic Caucuses - April 22, 2006 - 9:00 am
As of March 28th, the following shows the locations for the Democratic Legislative District Caucus Sites,

King County - Legislative District Caucuses - April 22, 2006 - 9:00 am

District Locations


5 -Issaquah Middle School - Commons Area, 400 1st Ave S, Issaquah 98027

11 -Renton Carpenters Hall, 231 Burnett Ave N, Renton 98055

30 TBD
31 TBD
32 TBD

33 -Carpenters Specialties Training Center, 20424 72nd Ave S, Kent 98032

34 -Sealth High School, 2600 SW Thistle Street, Seattle 98126

36 -Whitman School, 9201 - 15th Ave NW, Seattle 98117

37 -SE Seattle Senior Center, 4655 South Holly St, Seattle 98118

41 -Hazelwood Elementary School, 6928 116th St, Newcastle 98056

43 -Historic University Theatre, 5510 University Way NE, Seattle 98105

45 -Redmond HS, 17272 NE 104th St, Redmond 98052

46 -Eckstein Middle School, 3003 NE 75th St, Seattle 98115

47 -Aerospace Machinists Local 751, 202 B St SW, Auburn 98001

48 -Lake Washington HS Library, 12033 NE 80th, Kirkland 98033

KING COUNTY CONVENTION, 5/6/2006 - 2:00 pm -- IAM Hall, 9125 15th Ave S, Seattle

Posted on: 3/28/2006 7:17:37 AM by
URL for more info:

Republican Based PAC Ramps Up Dirty Tricks

WSDCC Memorandum: Asking for Us to Speak Up!
from WSDCC Outreach Manager, 3/24/2006

You may recall when, in January, Republicans sent out postcards around the state accusing Democrats of being soft on sex offenders. They have done it again, this time calling people in their homes. They are once again taking advantage of a parent’s desire to protect their children for political gain. Please spread the word and write letters to the editor expressing how wrong and craven these actions are.

Read about the phone calls by opening the following link:

The following is the press release that we sent out on January 23rd about the postcards:

Democrats condemn Republican tactics to mislead voters

Bogus postcards exploit fear and are shameful

SEATTLE – In recent weeks, Republicans have waged a dirty, false campaign to mislead voters about Democratic efforts to strengthen laws that will protect children from sex predators.

Republicans sent out misleading postcards across the state notifying voters of a convicted sex offender supposedly living in their “community.”

The catch? The same sex offender that Republicans say lives in the Walla Walla “community” also seems to live in the Vancouver “community” and the Kent “community.”

The flyers all use a photo of the same individual, despite being sent to all corners of the state.

What’s more?

It turns out the individual does not even live anywhere near the voters who received the postcard.

“It’s absolutely despicable that such an irresponsible tactic is being used by Republicans to create needless fear among Washington families,” said Washington State Democratic Chair Paul Berendt. “They need to stop using scare tactics that exploit the concerns of parents to gain cheap political points.”

These misleading, inaccurate postcards are being used in a smear campaign to label Democrats as “soft on crime.”

The fact is that Democrats in the legislature have led the effort to pass proposals that will catch more sex offenders, convict more sex offenders and protect more of our hildren.

“The voters of Washington deserve better than this craven political slander, and they deserve an apology from the Republican PAC that sent out these flyers,” said Berendt.

Misty Shock
Outreach Manager | Washington State Democrats |
Posted on: 3/24/2006 4:47:22 PM by
URL for more info:

Elections Coordinator Training Class

Website updated with revised materials
In preparation for the Elections Coordinator Training course on Saturday April 1st at the Renton Carpenters Hall, Gurine Nordby has updated and posted new files to this site. Click on 'Pollworker Info' below at the "ABOUT" section on the left toolbar to review the changes.
Posted on: 3/24/2006 10:23:56 AM by
URL for more info:


Lisa Steubing, 43rd District Democrats PCO and State Committeewoman was elected Chair of the 43rd District organization on March 21st at their general meeting. She will fill the unexpired term of Richard Kelley, who resigned to run for 43rd District Representative.

Lisa brings enthusiasm and new vision to the district -- please join in congratulating this fine new leader.
Posted on: 3/21/2006 10:23:59 PM by
URL for more info:

Candidate Questionnaires Available

If you are running for office in 2006 you can get listed on the KC Dems website by completing our online candidate questionnaire.
If you are running for office in 2006 you can get listed on the KC Dems website by completing our online candidate questionnaire.
Posted on: 3/19/2006 1:57:47 PM by
URL for more info:


source: WA State Secretary of State website

U.S. SENATOR MARIA CANTWELL Position 1 Incumbent





State Supreme Court Susan J. Owens, NP Position 2 – Statewide

State Supreme Court Gerry Alexander, NP Position 8 – Statewide

State Supreme Court Tom Chambers, NP Position 9 – Statewide

Court of Appeals Ronald Cox, NP - Division 1, District 1, Position 4
County – King

Court of Appeals Marlin Appelwick, NP – Division 1, District 1, Position 7
County - King

State Senators and Representatives (incumbents listed)

LD 1 Al O’Brien, D – King and Snohomish
Mark Ericks, D – King and Snohomish

LD 5 Jay Rodne, R
Ed Anderson, R

LD 11 Zack Hudgins, D
Bob Hasegawa, D

LD 30 Tracey Eide, D - Senator
Mark Miloscia, D
Mahion Priest, R

LD 31 Pam Roach, R – Senator – King and Pierce
Dan Roach, R – King and Pierce
Janice Shabro, R – King and Pierce

LD 32 Darlene Fairley, D – Senator – King and Snohomish
Maralyn Chase, D – King and Snohomish
Ruth Kagi, D – King and Snohomish

LD 33 Karen Keiser, D – Senator
Shay Schual-Berke, D
David Upthegrove, D

LD 34 Erik Poulsen, D – Senator
Eileen Cody, D
Joe McDermott, D

LD 36 Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D – Senator
Helen Sommers, D
Mary Lou Dickerson, D

LD 37 Adam Kline, D – Senator
Sharon Tomiko Santos, D
Eric Pettigrew, D

LD 41 Fred Jarrett, R
Judy Clibborn, D

LD 43 Pat Thibaudeau, D – Senator
Ed Murray, D
Frank Chopp, D

LD 45 Bill Finkbeiner, R – Senator
Toby Nixon, R
Larry Springer, D

LD 46 Ken Jacobsen, D – Senator
Jim McIntire, D
Phyllis Kenney, D

LD 47 Open Seat – Senator
Geoff Simpson, D
Pat Sullivan, D

LD 48 Luke Esser, R – Senator
Ross Hunter, D
Rodney Tom, R (switched parties, running against Esser)

King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng, R

Incumbents only are listed.

Posted on: 3/15/2006 5:28:52 PM by
URL for more info:


Call Senator Feingold and our Senators in Washington, D.C. -- state your opinions -- show your support for CENSURE OF THE PRESIDENT!!!
Posted on: 3/14/2006 2:58:25 PM by
URL for more info:

March KC Dems Newsletter Online

The March 2006 edition of the King County Democrats newsletter is now available online.

Posted on: 3/11/2006 3:46:32 PM by
URL for more info:


Office is Open
Mary Grace Galston is the new WSDCC Coordinated Campaign Director and Michael King has been named as Field Coordinator. You may contact them at:

1848 Westlake Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98108
Telephone: 206.352.3963
Posted on: 3/8/2006 6:01:36 PM by
URL for more info:


Getting Ready to Support the Campaigns...
Campaign Information

US Senator Maria Cantwell
Cantwell 2006
POB 12740 Seattle 98111

US Representative Jay Inslee (CD 1)
Inslee for Congress
POB 33027, Seattle 98133

US Representative Jim McDermott (CD 7)
Friends for Jim McDermott
POB 21786 – Main Station Seattle 98111-3986

US Representative Adam Smith (CD 9)
Adam Smith for Congress
POB 23626, Federal Way 98093

Darcy Burner for Congress (CD 8)
Darcy Burner for Congress
POB 1090, Carnation 98014-1090

Washington State Senate Caucus
630 149th Street SW, Suite A, Burien 98166
Mailing Address: POB 66933, Burien 98166-0933
Chris Gregorich, Executive Director

Washington State House Caucus
1414 Dexter Ave, #210, Seattle 98109
Tony Yuchasz, Executive Director

Posted on: 3/8/2006 4:12:39 PM by
URL for more info:

Caucuses and Conventions

The Schedule
With the precinct caucuses completed on March 4th, we will now move on to the:

Legislative District Caucuses - Saturday April 22nd, 9:00 am (locations to be posted soon)

King County Convention - Saturday May 6th, 2:00 pm (location: IAM Hall, 9125 15th Avenue South - Seattle)

Washington State Convention - Friday - Saturday June 2-3rd (location: Yakima Convention Center and Red Lion Inn)

Stay tuned for more details.
Posted on: 3/7/2006 12:49:43 PM by
URL for more info:


Democracy is not a Spectator Sport
Attend your precinct caucus!!

Find your precinct caucus location at:
Posted on: 3/3/2006 11:05:48 AM by
URL for more info:

Ron Sims versus Rev. Ken Hutcherson

Gay Rights Debate - 3/2/2006 - 7:30 pm
Dr. Ken Hutcherson, Pastor at Redmond’s Antioch Bible Church, is an outspoken opponent of gay rights; King County Executive Ron Sims (son of a Baptist minister and lay minister himself) just as vigorously takes the opposite point of view. Moderated by KING5’s Robert Mak. Downstairs at Town Hall, enter on Seneca Street. Presented by The Stranger and the Town Hall Center for Civic Life.
Tickets are $5 at the door only beginning at 6:30 pm. --excerpted from Town Hall website

Posted on: 2/27/2006 8:34:56 PM by
URL for more info:


King County Logo Change
Prime Sponsor, King County Councilman Larry Gossett, championed a successful effort on Monday February 27, 2006 to change the King County "Crown" Logo to an image of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. The King County Council in front of crowd overflowing the council chambers and lobby passed the legislation. See complete story at,

Thank You, Larry!
Posted on: 2/27/2006 6:33:51 PM by
URL for more info:


Participate in Your Local Caucus
The King County Democrats encourage you to participate in your local neighborhood caucus -- join people of like mind in discussing platform issues and become a delegate to the Legislative District/County Conventions. This is your opportunity to make input to the political process. Consider becoming a member of the your local Democratic organization and becoming a neighborhood leader, known as a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO). To view locations, please use this site for lookups:
Posted on: 2/25/2006 6:22:11 PM by
URL for more info:

Will Someone Please Turn On the Lights for W

He's in the Dark...
Another scandal, another coverup...George was in the dark and didn't know about the Port deals with our enemies -- my, oh my.

Wake up America -- this man has been in the dark for years, the press is suddenly reporting the truth about the incompetent and unprepared "leader."

Someboy, turn on the lights!
Posted on: 2/22/2006 1:24:40 PM by
URL for more info:

Way to Go, Tina!

Congratulations to the LAC!
2/20/2006 -- Congratulations are in order for the KCDCC Legislative Action Committee - Day in Olympia. How envigorating the luncheon was -- very positive and upbeat. Thank you to Tina Shamseldin, LAC Chair and her fine committee of volunteers. And, thank you to all of the legislators who honored us with their presence and thoughts.
Posted on: 2/21/2006 12:12:01 AM by
URL for more info:

Congratulations to our Volunteer Award Winners!

Honors Banquet was a Big Succcess
Congratulations to our very special honoree Governor Mike Lowry and to all volunteers and contributors for a festive evening at the Spirit of Washington Event Center,Friday February 17th. The Spirit of Washington sponsors presented a great reception, dinner service and the venue certainly added to the good time.

Congratulations to the winners:

PCO Challenge: 1st Place - 43rd LD
2nd Place - 34th LD
3rd Place - 45th LD
(Special recognition to
the 36th LD for
maintaining the highest
number, 196)

Rising Star (F) - Dana Laurent
Rising Star (M) - Andrew Villeneuve
Volunteer of the Year - Evelyn Reymond
Journalist of the Year - David Goldstein
Legislator of the Year - Rep. Ed Murray
Chair of the Year - Peter House
Democrat of the Year (F)- Tina Shamseldin
Democrat of the Year (M)- Charles Laney
Lifetime Achievement - Senator Margarita

Congratulations and thank you to all!
Posted on: 2/19/2006 11:00:07 AM by
URL for more info:


Visit the Capitol and Your Legislators
“Democracy: it’s not a spectator sport”

WHAT: KCDCC Legislative Action Day sponsored by the LAC

WHEN: President’s Day, February 20th

WHERE: Olympia at the Capitol


10:00a.m. Meet on the steps of the capitol

10:30a.m. Watch the House or Senate in session

12:00-1:30p.m. LAC Legislator Reception in the Columbia Room of the State Legislative Dome Building (main floor). Deli lunch will be provided with a vegetarian option (suggested donation of $5.00).

1:30p.m. Attend a hearing (schedules will be available)

2:00-3:00p.m. Special LAC tour of the capitol

3:00p.m. Appointments with LD legislators (these need to be scheduled by your LAC representative or a member of your LD. Appointments need to be made ASAP and may need to be held earlier in the day depending on their schedules).
For questions or to RSVP for the event contact your LD LAC representative or the LAC Chair at

Summary of LAC Legislative Agenda
2006 and 2007 Legislative Sessions

Social Justice:

2006: Passage of HB 2661, Rep. Ed Murray: Prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, (passed and signed by Governor Gregoire).

Election Reform:

2006: Passage of a bills SB 6362 and SB 6134: Senator Jeanne Kohl-Wells and Senator Karen Keiser and: Creates a new deadline for voter challenge and attaches fines for violations..

2006: Moving to all mail-in ballots for King County

2007: Passage of HB 1526: Rep. Mark Miloscia: Provides for public financing of campaigns.


2006: Passage of Simple Majority: Sponsor Shay Schual-Berke: Voting by a simple majority to authorize a school levy.

2006: Passage of House Bill 2582: Another Path to High Standards and High School Graduation: Rep. Dave Upthegrove: Provides another option for high school students to attend graduation and community college to meet H.S. graduation requirements and beyond.

Health Care:

2007: Passage of Fair Share Bill SB6356: Sponsor Senator Jeanne Kohl-Wells: would require large employers to take responsibility for providing basic, affordable health insurance to their employees.

2006: Passage of bill Regarding sexual health education: (Original sponsor on the House side) Rep. Shay Schual-Berke: Would require that every school district must incorporate DSHS January 2005 guidelines for sexual health and disease prevention and must emphasize abstinence, but include other methods of preventing teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Environment/Renewable Energy:

2006: Passage of 2005 house bill 1488 (regarding certain flame retardants): Rep. Ross Hunter: to prohibit the sale of products that contain polybrominated diphenyl ethers, chemicals found in certain flame retardants.

2006 Passage of a Electronic Waste Recycling HB 2662: Finds that the system must encourage the design of electronic products that are less toxic and more recyclable

Tax Reform: Work with Rep. Bob Hasegawa on action to block the passage of an initiative to repeal the estate tax and to promote a more progressive tax structure for Washington.

Housing & Homelessness, Labor: A one-time boost to the Housing Trust Fund may occur in this session to pay for a backlog of pending housing applications.

Posted on: 2/17/2006 2:54:46 PM by
URL for more info:


Across Washington, Democrats will gather on March 4th
You have an opportunity to voice your opinion at your neighborhood caucus and become a delegate to the Legislative District and County convention. Democratic leaders across the state have been preparing for the 2006 caucus cycle:

March 4th Precinct Caucuses
April 22nd Legislative District Caucuses
May 6th King County Convention (IAM Hall in South Park, Seattle)
June 3rd Washington State Convention (Yakima)

If you have questions, contact your District Chair (at this site under LD Meetings -- click on your District) or go to the Washington State Democrats site at:


Posted on: 2/16/2006 7:42:16 AM by
URL for more info:

KCDCC Honors Banquet - Volunteer Award Voting is Complete

Presentations will be made at the Dinner
Thank you to all who took the time to vote for your favorite volunteers. The balloting has concluded and winners will be announced at the Honors Banquet on Friday February 17, 2006. Please make a reservation and come to honor the fabulous volunteers in the Democratic Party in King County.
Thank you!
Posted on: 2/16/2006 7:10:10 AM by
URL for more info:

City Club Presents "The Struggle for God's Voters"

KCDCC - one of the Co-Presenters
Tuesday February 28th, Luncheon Forum - The Struggle for God's Voters: A Conversation with Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor of Tikkun Magazine, and Dr. Joe Fuiten, Senior Pastor, Cedar Park Assembly of God on the Growing Influence of Religion in U.S. Politics.

Harbor Club Seattle, 801 Second Avenue, Seattle
Registration at 11:30 am, Luncheon at Noon. Co-Presentors cost - $35.
Posted on: 2/13/2006 4:32:37 PM by
URL for more info:


Monday February 20th - Gather at 10:00 am
Join Tina Shamseldin and the LAC in Olympia on Presidents' Day - February 20, 2006:

10:00 am - Meet on the Steps of the Capitol
Noon - 1:30 pm - LAC Legislator Forum in the Capitol/Dome building in the Columbia Room

Contact Tina at
for additional information.
Posted on: 2/11/2006 8:28:58 AM by
URL for more info:

Honors Banquet One Week Away

Make Your Reservation and...
One Week away, the Annual King County Democrats Honors Banquet promises to be a good olde'fashioned, fun-filled evening. Make your reservation today by clicking on the icon on the top-right of the home page, telephoning 206.622.9157, or sending an email to Remember to vote for your favorite volunteer at this site, too.

Event: Friday February 17, 2006, reception and silent auction at 6:00 pm, dinner service at 7:00 pm, and awards ceremony at 8:00 pm - Spirit of Washington Event Center, 233 Burnett Avenue South - Piazza in Renton.

Posted on: 2/10/2006 11:41:07 AM by
URL for more info:

Important state environmental and agricultural resource on the chopping block

Goad the state legislature to support the WSU BIOAg program for the low, low cost of $800,000
These days, it isn't just computing and aerospace jobs that are vanishing overseas. The food and agriculture industry, which represents a fifth of Washington State's economy, has been under the same pressures.

The cost competition that's driven down the prices growers get paid has accompanied an increase in the cost of farming inputs, petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides, seeds and machinery. The current business climate favors large businesses that grow one crop (monoculture, monocropping) over a large area.

Monocropping attracts pests, encourages weeds and drains the soil. It leads directly to a greater need for fertilizer and pesticide inputs that eat into the bottom line.

Small and medium sized farms have to pay more attention to soil quality out of necessity, while even conventional small farms are more likely to grow a wide variety of foods and promote local biodiversity. And the smaller the operation, the less likely they are to carelessly or wastefully apply chemical inputs, which decreases the amount of potentially harmful runoff into waterways. In fact, it seems only fitting that one of the best ways to promote healthy ecosystems in agricultural areas is to promote a healthy diversity of small enterprise. Yet around the globe, food production is being concentrated in fewer hands and into fewer, larger farms.

Washington State University has developed an environmentally and socially responsible program that addresses these issues at the state level. The Biologically Intensive Agriculture & Organic Farming program, BIOAg, has proactively looked for good business solutions for growers, making their work and research freely available to the community.

Faculty both at WSU's main Pullman campus and at their research and extension sites work hard to adapt high-value crops to local climate and soil conditions, perform consumer education and research, provide 'tech support' for local growers' land management issues, have developed several inexpensive sustainable means of pest control and fertility management, and offer continuing education for farmers with respect to both farming practices and marketing their products.

The benefit to the state at large is a healthier environment, a stronger economy and fresher, locally produced food in our grocery stores. All this for the bargain basement price of $800,000 a year in state funding.

The link below will take you to a page containing all the information you need to take immediate action on behalf of the BIOAg program with state legislators. The House has already included BIOAg in their planned budget, however the governor's and Senate's budgets have overlooked it. For maximum impact, please contact your state legislators by next Tuesday.
Posted on: 2/10/2006 5:18:02 AM by
URL for more info:


Decline to Sign Eyman's Petitions
Yes, the watch salesman from Edmonds is at it again. He is trying to overturn another piece of legislation with referendum and initiative against the civil rights bill spearheaded by Rep Murray. Please don't help -- think before your sign and decline to sign. As the Honorable Phil Talmadge told him during a debate in 2004, if you want to affect legislation, have the courage to run for office. Just say no!
Posted on: 2/3/2006 8:21:48 AM by
URL for more info:

Vote for KC Dems Awards

Voting is now open for the King County Democrats Awards for the 2006 Honors Banquet

Posted on: 1/31/2006 10:26:43 PM by
URL for more info:


Spirit of Washington Event Center
Sign up to attend the annual KCDCC Honors Banquet. The Spirit of Washington Event Center in Renton is the site of this year's festivities. Use this URL or the icon at the top, right of the home page to access the online reservation system. Reception and Silent Auction at 6:00 pm, Dinner Service at 7:00 pm, and Awards at 8:00 pm. We will honor the former Governor Mike Lowry and have many special guests. For additional information, contact the office at 206.622.9157.
Posted on: 1/30/2006 7:36:48 AM by
URL for more info:


Now it's on to the future and Let's Win Together
In a remarkable state meeting set in the heart of the Kent Valley, former County Councilman Dwight Pelz was elected to fill the term of retiring Chair Paul Berendt. Congratulations to Dwight and we look forward to working together for many Democratic victories.
Posted on: 1/29/2006 10:46:22 AM by
URL for more info:


Two Very Important Victories
The State Civil Rights Bill passed today. House Bill 2661, the statewide Civil Rights Bill that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, passed the State House and Senate today and will be signed into law by Governor Gregoire. The bill was first introduced by Senator Cal Anderson 30 years ago and has been championed by many brave legislators over the years. Many thanks to Representative Ed Murray and all legislators who voted in favor of securing equality for all. Passage of the bill makes Washington State the 17th state in the nation to add an anti-discrimination law that covers sexual orientation.

In celebration of this momentous and important victory, Seattle’s LGBT organizations held a victory party this evening at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle.

Seattle City Council appoints Lifelong’s Director of Community Resources to fill vacant Council seat
Sally Clark, Lifelong’s Director of Community Resources, was unanimously appointed today by the Seattle City Council to fill position #9 vacated by Councilmember Jim Compton. Clark will be sworn in soon and will immediately assume Council duties. The Lifelong community will miss Clark’s leadership and expertise but are pleased that the Council is gaining a dedicated leader.

Excerpted from memorandum sent by Lifelong AIDS Alliance Director, Tina Podolowski, 1/27/2006
Posted on: 1/28/2006 12:43:22 AM by
URL for more info:


HB 2661
Hundreds press for gay-rights bill
The rally, organized by Religious Coalition for Equality and Equal Rights Washington, was part of daylong lobbying and prayers in support of House Bill 2661, which would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation in areas such as housing and employment.
Seattle Times, January 24, 2006[_]rally24m.html
Posted on: 1/24/2006 12:03:19 PM by
URL for more info:[_]rally24m.html


Set for May 6, 2006 - 2:00 pm, IAM Hall in South Park
Thanks to the wonderful efforts of our Secretary, Angela Henry, the King County Democrats Convention will be held at the IAM Hall, 9125 15th Place South, Seattle, Washington 98108. The convention will begin at 2:00 pm, on Saturday May 6, 2006. Delegates to this convention will be elected at the Legislative District caucuses.
The Convention Chair will be 43rd LD Chair Richard Kelley. He will be joined by Platform Chair Joel Ware, Rules Chair Sharon Mast, Credentials Chair Javier Valdez, and a parliamentarian to be named. The major work of this convention will be platform issues. Candidates will visit, too. Tabling will be available to organizations/candidates at $10/table and the legislative districts will provide refreshments. Stay tuned for more details in the KCDCC February newsletter.
Posted on: 1/23/2006 6:18:02 PM by
URL for more info:


Measure Passes 60-37
House Oks gay civil rights bill: Measure passes 60-37, could reach
Senate floor by end of next week
Under the bill, ``sexual orientation'' would be added to a state law
that bans discrimination in housing, employment and insurance.
King County Journal, January 21, 2006

Posted on: 1/23/2006 1:33:36 PM by
URL for more info:


A Dream Come True
For many of us old sports fans in this town, the victory today was very sweet and a long time in coming. This is a great moment for Seattle and the State of Washington: Seattle Seahawks in the 2006 Super Bowl. GO HAWKS!

And thank you to Paul Allen and his team for a special season.
Posted on: 1/22/2006 11:16:32 PM by
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Help Democrats Bring Back Honest Leadership

Yesterday Chairman Dean rolled out a national Democratic reform effort to bring honest leadership back to government and is asking all of us to help by signing the Honest Leadership Petition
(from WA Dems Chair, Paul Berendt:)

Dear Fellow Democrat,

Yesterday Chairman Dean rolled out a national Democratic reform effort to bring honest leadership back to government and is asking all of us to help by signing the Honest Leadership Petition at:

I’m proud to join in this bold campaign that calls for strong ethics reforms, open government and honest leaders that Americans deserve.

The Democratic reform agenda is a sweeping and comprehensive plan to end the Republican culture of corruption that has pervaded our nation’s capitol recently with Republican scandal after Republican scandal. While Chairman Dean was kicking off the nationwide campaign, Democratic leaders in Congress introduced the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act.

The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act would end the Republican culture of corruption by:

· Closing the revolving door between lawmakers and lobbyists by doubling the amount of time lawmakers and staffers must wait before lobbying Congress;

· Prohibiting the receipt of gifts, including meals, entertainment and travel, from lobbyists;

· Clamping down on “pay to play" systems like the one set by lobbyists like Jack Abramoff; and

· Ending efforts like the “K Street Project,” which Republicans created to force corporations and lobbying firms to hire Republicans in exchange for political access.

These reforms represent an honest, common sense approach to breaking the grip of the Republican culture of corruption. To be successful, we need you to help by signing the Honest Leadership Petition at

Signing this petition will show that we in Washington demand honest leadership and are willing to fight for reform, real ethics oversight and ending the corrupt “pay to play” lobbying schemes in DC.

Paul Berendt
Washington State Democratic Party Chair
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KC Dems Honors Banquet Tickets Available

Tickets are now available for online purchase
Tickets are now available for online purchase
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Nominations Open for KC Dems 2006 Honors Banquet

Nominate your favorite Democratic activist for an award for their work in 2005
Awards include:
* Female Democrat of the Year
* Male Democrat of the Year
* Chair of the Year
* Volunteer of the Year
* Lifetime Achievement
* Female Rising Star
* Male Rising Star

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King County Democrats Host WSDCC Chair Candidates

Candidate Forum -- Program for January 2006 meeting
Join the King County Democrats on Tuesday January 24, 2006 (6:30 social, 7:05 forum begins). WSDCC Chair Candidates will participate in a forum, intro and summations plus questions from the KC reps. Come early for refreshments and conversation and enjoy the forum.

Contact Suzie at 206.622.9157 for additional details.
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Republican Majority for Choice Opposes Alito

The group Republican Majority for Choice has issued a statement of opposition to the candidacy of Samuel Alito to replace pro-choice Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. The group accurately describes Judge Alito as being "out of step with mainstream Americans on the issue of abortion and maintaining the legal right to choose."

The RMC derives its name from polling data that indicates a majority of self-identified Republicans support letting women make their own reproductive health decisions, even when they themselves might choose otherwise.
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Voter Challenge bill has hearing on Thursday

Here is our opportunity to support legislation to respond back and protect voter rights
(Posting the below email from King County Dems Legislative Action Committee (LAC) Chair, Tina Shamseldin)

Hi KCDCC chair/officers, LD chairs and LAC members!

Well, its time! Remember all those long hours dealing with the voter challenges? Well here is our opportunity to support legislation to respond back and protect voter rights.

The Voter Challenge bill is up for a public hearing this Thursday, January 12th from 8-10am in Cherberg, Room A, (see room information below). I understand that they may try to adjust the schedule and have testimony on this bill at 9am.

Bill sponsors: Senator Karen Keiser; Kohl-Welles, Prentice, Kline, Weinstein and Poulsen
The Voter Challenge bill is formally called: SB 6134 - Allowing canvassing boards to issue notices of civil infractions, (see summary below, full bill is attached)
The Government and Operations & Elections Committee will hold the hearing. This committee is chaired by Senator Jim Kastama.
King County members on the committee include: SENATOR ADAM KLINE, 37th LD and SENATOR DARLENE FAIRLEY, 32nd

Action item for KCDCC, LD chairs and LAC: Do you have any one from your LD that was impacted by the voter challenge that we can contact to testify on Thursday?

Action for 37th and 32nd LD: Please contact your members via phone or email to ask their support of this bill.

Thanks, Tina

SB 6134 - 2005-06
Allowing canvassing boards to issue notices of civil infractions.

Introduced by Sen. Karen Keiser on December 7, 2005, to allow elections canvassing boards to issue notices of a civil infraction to anyone challenging a voter's registration if the challenger 1) failed to exercise reasonable diligence in determining the accuracy of the allegations; 2) failed to base the challenge on his personal knowledge; 3) who in issuing the challenge, primarily considered the voter's political belief, political activity, or any characteristic protected by the law against discrimination; or 4) issued a challenge in bad faith or in an effort to intimidate, harass, or otherwise deter a properly registered voter from voting.

Government Operations & Elections* - 01/12/06 8:00 am
Senate Full Committee
Senate Hearing Rm 2
J. A. Cherberg Building
Olympia, WA

REVISED 01/10/06 8:22 AM

Public Hearing:

1. SB 6134 - Allowing canvassing boards to issue notices of civil infractions.

2. Valid voter registration (Z-0917.3).

3. Election bills to be announced.

Senate > Committees > Government Operations & Elections > Committee Members

Committee Members
Jim Kastama - Chair (D)
Jean Berkey - Vice Chair (D)
Pam Roach - Ranking Minority Member (R)
Don Benton (R)
Darlene Fairley (D)
Mary Margaret Haugen (D)
Adam Kline (D)
Bob McCaslin (R)
Joyce Mulliken (R)
Craig Pridemore (D)
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Congratulations to the Unity Coalition

Great WSDCC Chair Candidate Forum, 1/8/06
An overflowing crowd (with attendees from all parts of the State) greeted the Unity Coalition forum led by WSDCC Secretary Luis Moscoso. Participating WSDCC Chair candidates included: Jean Brooks, Bill Harrington, Mark Hintz, Dwight Pelz, and Laura Ruderman. Coalition members asked questions of each candidate and a reception followed the event. It truly was a remarkable moment for the Party indicating the high interest in the race.
1/8/06 - 2pm - Renton Carpenters Hall.
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The US House will vote again on the budget bill that cuts $12.7 BILLION out of federal Student Aid
(Pelosi 411 - News for Youth and Young Adults from the House Democratic Leader)

At 6 a.m. on December 19th, as many Americans were sleeping, the Republican-controlled House passed a budget-cutting bill that slashes $12.7 billion from the federal student aid programs to finance tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. Seventy percent of the gross savings derived from the cuts to student aid generated in the bill are achieved by continuing the practice of forcing student and parent borrowers in many cases to pay excessive interest rates on their loans and by increasing college loan costs.
But now the Republican Controlled Congress has a chance to undo the harmful cuts that they voted for in late December. On January 31st or February 1st the House of Representatives will vote again on this budget bill that cuts $12.7 BILLION out of federal Student Aid.

Congress should be making college more affordable, and it could do so at no new cost to taxpayers and without adding to the budget deficit. The federal government pays excessive subsidies to lending institutions in the student loan industry. By cutting those subsidies, Congress could use the savings to make college more affordable without costing taxpayers an extra dime.

But instead Republican leaders have chosen to allow big banks to keep their excessive taxpayer subsidies and to bestow multi-billion-dollar tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans - all at the expense of students and parents struggling to pay for college at a time of rapidly rising tuition costs.

Where do the savings come from?
· The Republican bill raises interest rates on parent loans to 8.5 percent. It also requires student and parent borrowers to continue paying excessive, above-market interest rates on their loans in many cases.

· The bill eliminates $2.2 billion in critical funds with which the Department of Education uses to administer and deliver federal student aid. Without these funds, the timely and safe delivery of federal student aid is in jeopardy..

· The bill requires lenders to either collect a 1 percent "insurance fee" from borrowers on all college loans, or to raise this fee from other non-federal sources. The most likely scenario is that college loan borrowers will wind up footing this bill.
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Chiarello - Community Activist in NE Seattle Wants to Fill Council Vacancy


For Immediate Release
Contact Numbers 206-523-0715 or 206-679-3659

SEATTLE - Gail Chiarello, Treasurer of the 46th District Democrats in NE Seattle, announced today she has submitted her application for appointment to the City Council seat being vacated by Jim Compton. Her experience includes community activism, financial and grants management, and communication and the arts. On City Council she will provide a voice for ordinary citizens, a voice for neighborhoods and communities, and an intelligent and informed voice to advocate for good government. She holds a Master of City Planning degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

Gail Chiarello is a citizen activist working for ethics in government and for urban open space and green space. Her efforts as a Board member of Friends of Magnuson Park resulted in a reduction of the number of lighted and synthetically turfed sports fields at Magnuson Park and ensured environmental and community protections for the remaining open space. In May 2005 Gail challenged a 1992 ruling which had exempted the City’s advisory committees from the City’s Code of Ethics; that ruling was overturned.
Gail is active in local Democratic politics and has served on the 46th District Democrats Executive Board since 2002. She currently serves as Treasurer (an elected position). She is a founding member of the Progressive Democratic Caucuses of Washington 46th District (PDCW46) which meets monthly as a “lean, mean activist machine” to insure good government at all levels--national, state, and local.
She co-founded the Washington Voter Registration Project with Kathryn Gardow which registered 2000 voters in over 100 venues in the run-up to the 2004 elections. She is a Trustee of Hawthorne Hills Community Council and edits and produces its neighborhood newsletter “The Holler.”

Gail has over 20 years of non-profit grants management experience in health care and academic settings. From 1991-1997 she managed a 6-state Federally-funded program, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Human Genetics Network, on the East Coast. In August 2004 she retired from the University of Washington.

In her twenties, Gail pursued a career as a writer. She was one of “31 New American Poets” (1969). Her poems were published in Poetry (Chicago) and the City Lights Anthology, among many other anthologies and magazines. With Jan Herman she founded “The San Francisco Earthquake,” an award-winning magazine of the arts.

She believes her eclectic background is a strength. She is fearless and tenacious when advocating for the public good. Her interest in City Council is promoting the City’s good-government tradition and insuring that the concerns of ordinary citizens are heard on Council.

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Pelosi Statement on Plea Agreement

Read the statement of Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi in response to reports that Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud clients and bribe Members of Congress...
Pelosi Statement on Plea Agreement of Republican Lobbyist Jack Abramoff

Washington, D.C. – House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today in response to news reports that Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud clients and bribe Members of Congress in order to enrich himself, along with tax evasion and mail fraud:

“Today, Jack Abramoff admitted to conspiring to bribe to Members of Congress – a despicable action that strikes at the heart of our democracy. Sadly, it is not a surprise because this Republican Congress is the most corrupt in history and the American people are paying the price.

“The Republicans’ culture of corruption – in which Members of Congress cozy up to lobbyists and cronies – has resulted in the American people paying higher prescription drug prices, higher gas and home heating costs, and has produced the failed Republican efforts to provide relief to survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

“The House Ethics Committee must get to work immediately to investigate pending ethics and corruption cases in the House, including those involving Members with ties to Jack Abramoff. This is a necessary first step to restore a high ethical standard to the Congress.

“Democrats are committed to a Congress that represents all Americans, not just the special interests.”

# # #

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Candidate Forum this Sunday

Hear from candidates for state party chair at a forum organized by the "Unity Coalition" of constituency caucuses
(Below is the text of a letter from Unity Coalition Coordinator, Luis Moscoso)

Dear Party Officer/Leader:

On behalf of the Unity Coalition I am very pleased to invite you to attend the first State Chair Candidates Forum this coming Sunday, January 8 in Renton, WA. [[]Please see attached flyer for more details.]

You might be asking yourself, "Who is the Unity Coalition?"
The Unity Coalition is an ad hoc group consisting of eleven of our recognized Democratic Party caucuses:
African American Caucus; Agriculture Rural Caucus; Asian Pacific American Caucus;
Disability Caucus; Federation of Democratic Women; Hispanic/Latino Caucus; Jewish
Caucus; Labor Caucus; Progressive Caucus; Stonewall Democrats; & Veterans Caucus
And, "Why are they doing this now?"
As soon as Mr. Berendt notified us that he was resigning from the Chair a group of individuals from these caucuses came together to discuss how they could play a constructive role in vetting the prospective candidates. This idea had been floating around since our Central Committee meeting in Pasco when members of the Affirmative Action Committee (AAC) talked about developing a new Action Plan for the committee. It was felt that the AAC and some caucuses needed a venue for discussing their various and mutual concerns directly with the Central Committee.

One of the ideas that came forth was to form a Unity Coalition that would provide a venue to discuss and promote caucus issues to the larger Party. The idea of having a Candidates Forum seemed to be an opportune way for us to provide input to the Party about how we'd like more direct interaction and dialogue with all State Party Officers, the Executive Board and the Central Committee.
By collectively presenting our concerns to the prospective candidates we will be raising everyone's awareness about what's important to us as the Party transitions in this very important election year. It is not the intention of the Unity Coalition to consense around one particular candidate. Each caucus is free to endorse, or not endorse, depending on its own membership. Only the Central Committee can determine who the next Chair will be and how we will all go forward together.

The Unity Coalition wants a chance to share our interests with everyone. We wish we could replicate this forum in other parts of the state. But it was all we could do to accomplish this much over the holidays. The minutes of the Forum will be made available to the entire Central Committee prior to the election on Jan. 28, 2006 so that they may consider the Candidates' responses to our questions.

Please feel free to contact any Caucus Leadership or members you may know about this. I'm sure they'd like to hear from you. We look forward to your feedback when this is completed.

Warmest regards,
Luis Moscoso
Unity Coalition Coordinator
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Eric Oemig Announce Challenge to Bill Finkbeiner

Eric Oemig For State Senate
Software Engineer Eric Oemig Announces Bid for 45th District State Senate Seat FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Eric Oemig 425-830-2026

Kirkland - Software engineer and activist, Eric Oemig, declared today his bid for the 45th District State Senate seat.

"Our district needs a leader who focuses on the basics. We need to solve problems in education. We can improve the financial health of our families and our businesses by making health care affordable.
saves money when we waste less time in traffic," said Oemig. "Our tax dollars should be spent on programs that return more value to families and businesses than we pay in."

Eric Oemig spent his high-tech career solving problems and inventing efficiencies for companies such as Microsoft. Oemig moved to the 45th district 15 years ago when he joined Microsoft. Oemig is a leader in the 45th District Democrats and host of "Moral Politics" a televised current events show.

"Bill Finkbeiner has been in Olympia since he graduated from college.
Our district wants new leadership. We have things that need to get done.
Finkbeiner spends his time flip-flopping trying to appease the right wing of his party instead of addressing the needs of the district,"
added Eric Oemig.

"I worked in the private sector to eliminate inefficiencies. I will work to bring that same attention to fiscal accountability to state government. More importantly, I have the integrity to make sure people know how I will vote on key issues," said Oemig.

After 14 years, Finkbeiner still won't say how he will vote on civil rights bill 1515 if it comes up again this year. Previously, he has voted both for and against the bill. "Let me be clear," said Oemig, "I will be happy to cast the deciding vote to ban this discrimination."

Eric Oemig lives in Kirkland with his wife Mary and their son Cray. He can be reached at:
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King County Democrats Blog now available in RSS

RSS feed:
The King County Democrats Blog / news section is now available in RSS (Really Simple Syndication) format at:
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Join the King County Democrats Today
Dear Democrat:

Happy New Year! The year 2006 brings with it a renewed hope for Democratic victories. We are ready to continue building our base and with your help, we can and will be ready for the next election cycle.

Currently, we have a PCO challenge to the legislative districts to increase numbers, and provide improved training so that our doorbelling becomes more effective.

We have many activities planned already: The Honors Banquet will be held at the Spirit of Washington Event Center on February 17th, A Day in Olympia with our Legislators on President’s Day, a third course for new candidates, PCO training, annual picnic, and most important of all, support to our Democratic candidates and issues.

Please consider making a donation and becoming a member of a great organization. Annual Membership Dues are $40.00. You may want to consider making a donation at a higher level as detailed following this letter.

A monthly donation program is available for those who want to ensure a steady flow of support throughout the year for as little as $10/month. Secure donations can be made online at our website, too. All members and sponsors will be listed in the monthly newsletter and be invited to special events/receptions.

We cannot do this alone – we need your help and support. Keeping the grassroots motivated and involved is an enormous venture. We ask you to become a member of KCDCC today! Our meetings are free and open to all Democrats; monthly meetings take place on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Renton Carpenters Hall, 231 Burnett Avenue North in Renton.

Thank you for your past and current support as it helps in getting the Democratic message out into the community. If you have any questions, please call or write us.

Yours truly,
Susan C. Sheary
206.622.9157 / FAX 425.255.1634

Levels of Giving:
Corporate Sponsor $5,000
Platinum Sponsor $2,500
Gold Sponsor $1,000
Silver Sponsor $ 500
General Sponsor $ 100
General Membership $ 40

Use the URL below to donate online with credit card or mail membership dues to:
KCDCC - POBox 58337, Renton, WA 98058
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Drilling in the Artic has Stopped.!
This memorandum was received at the KCDCC userid, 12/21/2005, and is a thank you from our great Senator Maria Cantwell. She single-handedly led the charge against oil drilling in the Artic -- Thank you to you, Senator Cantwell!

Thanks to you, we were able to keep the Senate playing by the rules and put the people's interests before the special interests. With your support, we triumphed over backroom deals and sneaky tricks to successfully block drilling in the Arctic from being attached to the defense spending bill and won a bipartisan victory.

We've stopped them from drilling in the Arctic for now, but I promise you I will remain vigilant to make sure we find real solutions to our overdependence on foreign oil and don't pursue giveaways to the oil companies.

Thank you for standing with me, it made all the difference.


Maria Cantwell

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Is This an Impeachable Act?
Visit the Democratic National Committee's website to sign their petition for information regarding Bush's spying on the American public.
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King County Executive Calls for All Mail Balloting in King County

Council Members Ferguson and Patterson Support
King County Executive Ron Sims called for an immediate study by the Records and Election Department Director Dean Logan on All Mail Balloting in King County.

See complete article at,
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Greg Rodriguez Announces Candidacy for State Party Chair

With the resignation of State Party Chair Paul Berendt, I am asking for your support to become the next Chair of your Washington State Democrats.

First, I want to thank Paul for his years of service and as I said during my campaign earlier this year, he has done great things for our Party. As Paul mentioned, it is time for a new direction and new energy.

We face this election with very little notice and the need to have someone able to hit the ground running, I think you'll find I am the best-qualified candidate to represent you at the highest level of our State's Democratic Party.

Last January, we were able to have good discussion -- I was able to listen and talk with you to find out what issues you cared most about in a Party leader. Those conversations are still fresh in my mind. Many of the campaign issues and ideas are still pertinent and the strategic plan would remain: Growth for the Democratic Party.

We face a crucial election cycle in 2006 and I can be the leader to bring effective management, a keen eye for budget and financial issues and the desire and determination to re-elect Senator Cantwell . We can also increase our margins in the U.S. and State legislatures.

Many of you have asked what I have been up to over the past year. Besides spending time with my family, I practiced the preaching of the previous campaign, spending the first few months assisting the transition of the new KCDCC leadership team and helped develop a very successful campaign training program. I also helped organize an African American outreach event for DNC Chairman Howard Dean during his visit to our state in early spring.

In addition, I did consulting for a truly brave Democrat who stood up to run for King County Council against Reagan Dunn when no one else would. I did this to not only bring victory to the candidate, but more importantly to build the base and Democratic message in a District that we can regain some day much like many areas across this state.

I was also pleased to help with the Public Disclosure Commission's financial reporting for the truly grass roots movement to defeat Initiative 912. Over the past three months I was the lead organizer for the Victory Fund's three-day leadership conference in Seattle attended by some of the best and brightest elected and appointed officials from across the nation. My work this past year has provided even more experience to help address the ways in which we can effectively manage and grow our Party.

I am running because I believe we need a Party leader who has the experience to manage people, raise money, plan and execute events and most importantly who has the recent knowledge of what has gone right and wrong with our caucus and convention cycles, our coordinated campaigns and overall Party operations. I want to utilize the successes and work with the mistakes to make this Party even better. More importantly, I want to increase the communication and collaboration with the State Executive Board, the County and District organizations, Labor, and our minority communities to truly work together in achieving our common Party and electoral goals.

I look forward to your support!

Posted on: 12/18/2005 9:52:51 AM by
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Dwight Pelz Announces Candidacy for State Party Chair

Dear Washington State Democrat Activist,

Paul Berendt will step down as Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party. I am writing you to let you know that I will be running to serve as State Party Chair.

I bring to this position thirty years of progressive work in Washington - fifteen years as a community organizer, and fifteen years as an elected official. I believe I can offer the experience and the leadership to move the party forward in the years ahead.

Our next party chair must have the skills and the vision to build on the excellent progress the Washington State Democratic Party has made in the last decade. We need to maintain our high level of support for Democratic candidates. We need to invest in our grass roots capacity. We must maintain and build strong, local Democratic Party operations.

These are critical years for the Democratic Party in Washington. We will be a targeted state as Republicans attempt to defeat Sen. Maria Cantwell in 2006. Washington will be a critical state in 2008. The Republicans and perhaps Dino Rossi are poised to wage a vicious campaign against our Governor Christine Gregoire. In the Presidential race the nation will watch to see whether we can hold Washington as a Democratic State against whatever right wing candidate the Republicans put forth.

Perhaps as importantly, in the years ahead Washington Democrats must wage an ongoing struggle for the hearts and minds of our citizens. As the right wing in American gains strength in the neighborhoods of our cities and in the pew of our churches, it is vital that Washington stand out as a progressive beacon. We have an almost unique ability to turn back the property rights activists who would repeal our zoning laws, to move forward the right of all our citizens to marry and raise children, and to preserve a woman's right to choose regardless of the actions of a future Bush Court. We can build on our successes this year in Washington when we turned back the initiatives to repeal the gas tax and to cripple our tort system.

In the weeks to come I hope you can learn more about my qualifications for this job.

I began my work in Washington in 1975, working on Initiative 314 to fund public education through a corporate income tax. The next year I was the organizer for I-325, for nuclear power plant safety.

In 1977 my friend Rod Regan and I organized the initiative to repeal the sales tax on food in Washington. We were opposed by the newspapers, Gov. Dixy Lee Ray, and corporate Washington, but we ran a grass-roots campaign (there were no paid signature gatherers in those days) and we won. This was the last significant tax reform in Washington – the state that puts a bigger tax burden on the poor than any other state in the nation.

In 1978 I began ten years as a professional community organizer, trained in the "Saul Alinksy" school of community organizing. I founded the Light Brigade, a grassroots citizens group opposed to the WPPSS Nuclear Plants. As the WPPSS program was eventually dismantled we changed our focus and name. We became Washington Fair Share, a statewide citizens groups which today is known as Citizen Action. We had offices in Spokane, Yakima, Tacoma, and Seattle.

In l989 I worked as a union organizer for IFPTE Local 17 and Laborers Local 1239. In 1990 I was elected to the State Senate, where I represented South Seattle's 37th District for six years. As a senator, I passed legislation to increase funding for our public schools, blocked the pro-gambling legislation to allow mini-casinos, passed a bill to ban guns on school grounds, and fell one vote short of a bill to ban possession of handguns by those under the age of 21.

In 1997, I was appointed to take Ron Sims' seat on the King County Council, where I emerged as a regional leader on transit and transportation matters. When Tim Eyman's Initiative 695 resulted in METRO Transit losing critical funding, I led the effort in Olympia to restore the funding and keep METRO whole. As a member of the Sound Transit Board I have pressed for light rail, and insisted regionally that "we cannot build our way out of gridlock".

I have always been willing to do the hard work to get the job done. When I first saw Howard Dean I was so excited to see a candidate for President who would tell the truth about Bush and what he was doing to our nation and the world. I volunteered to draw up the statewide Dean field plan, and co-chaired the field committee, which sought to turn the Dean e-mail list into a team of Dean precinct workers. In order to demonstrate the plan I chaired the 37th District effort. I made over 1000 phone calls, recruited 100 Dean precinct captains, led a half dozen training sessions, and Dean carried the 37th.

As you may know I have just concluded a campaign for the Seattle City Council. I ran as the progressive candidate in the race, backed by the Democrats (King County Democrats, 34,36, 37, 43, and 46th Districts) the environmental community (Sierra Club, Washington Conservation Voters, and Cascade Bicycle Club) and by labor (King County Labor Council, Boeing Machinists, SEIU, Firefighters, UFCW, IFPTE 17, ATU, and several building trades unions). I was the highest ranked candidate by SEAMEC, Seattle' s gay civic group.

This is the energy, the leadership, the organizing skill, and the progressive track record I will bring to the State Party.

Dwight Pelz
Posted on: 12/18/2005 9:47:18 AM by
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SEATTLE - Javier Valdez, who chairs the 7th Congressional District for the Washington State Democrats, announced today that he will seek the Seattle City Council vacancy created by the resignation of Jim Compton.

He also is the first candidate in the race to garner major endorsements, including State Auditor Brian Sonntag, State Senator Margarita Prentice, State Representative Ken Jacobsen, King County Democrats Chair Suzie Sheary,
and Progressive Majority State Director Dean Nielsen.

Valdez professionally has worked for five of the city's departments, including currently serving as a strategic advisor at Seattle City Light. He previously has worked for the legislative branch of government on behalf
of two Seattle City Councilmembers, for the executive branch of city government, for the Office of Economic Development, and for Seattle Public Utilities and for the Seattle Engineering Department. In addition to his
experience in city government, he also worked for Maria Cantwell on her successful campaign for the U.S. Senate.

This breadth of experience in a myriad of city departments, and his extensive community involvement will allow Valdez to hit the ground running on the council.

Valdez's lengthy resume also includes service as a board member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, as a past president and board member of the Hispanic Seafair Organization, as a member representing IFPTE Local 17 on the King County Labor Council AFL-CIO, as a member of the Maple Leaf and Wallingford Community Councils, as a member of the Seattle Organizing
Committee NCAA Final Four Minority Vendor Involvement Committee, and as member of the United Way of King County Planning and Distribution Multi-Services Panel.

His positions within the Democratic Party include service as the chair of
the 7th Congressional District for the Washington State Democrats, as the
former chair of the 43rd District Democrats for 6 years, as treasurer for
the Institute for a Democratic Future, and as a delegate to both the 1996 and 2004 Democratic National Conventions. Valdez was also named to John Kerry for President's National Latino Steering Committee in 2004.

Valdez holds a bachelor of arts in business administration from the University of Washington.

If elected, he will be the first Hispanic on the Seattle City Council since the city's inception in 1861.
Posted on: 12/17/2005 10:10:04 PM by
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Celebrate and Enjoy the Season!
The King County Democrats wish you all a very happy holiday season.

Thank you for celebrating with us at the lovely home of James and Sharon Mast, our wonderful hosts, Sunday December 11th.

We also wish you a very Happy New Year and look forward to working with and for you in the new calendar year. Our theme for the new year is: WINNING IT ALL IN 2006!


Posted on: 12/13/2005 1:42:25 PM by
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No December meeting for 37LD

No December meeting for 37th LD Dems
The 37th LD Democrats voted to cancel their December membership meeting and donated the savings for local Hurricane Katrina efforts.
Posted on: 12/11/2005 10:05:12 AM by mhigdon[_]
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Challenged Voters Hearing Results
Monday November 28th, 10:30 am, the King County Canvassing Board comprised of: King County Elections Director Dean Logan, King County Executive Ron Sims'Rep-King County Council Member Dow Constantine, and King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng's Rep-Brian Sauterberg gave opening remarks on their findings. They proceeded to go through the cases of the challenged voters, one by one. Excellent summaries of the session are provided at and Website Manager Misty Shock of the WSDCC office put out a terrific press release as well.

Ms. Sotelo's challenges were shot down 3 to 1 today -- mostly for not providing clear and convincing evidence.

The decisions today were solely for challenged voters who voted at the polls and through absentee ballots. The remainder of challenged voters who did not vote on November 8th will have their registrations reviewed by Director Logan.

King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng has called a press conference for 11/29/2005 -- stand by for time/location.

Posted on: 11/28/2005 6:31:04 PM by
URL for more info:


Add the Dates to Your Calendars
King County Records and Elections has announced their schedule for 2006:

February 7, 2006
March 14, 2006
April 25, 2006
May 16, 2005
September 19, 2006
November 7, 2006

Contact our KCDCC Elections Vice Chair, Gurine Nordby, at 206.772.4268, if you are interested in working at the polls or working as an observer.

Posted on: 11/21/2005 9:38:29 AM by
URL for more info:

Foolproof.Org Presents Lewis Black

KCDCC Qualifies for Drawing for Two Tickets
As a community partner with, you have an opportunity to purchase the best tickets to each of their events. LEWIS BLACK has only a few of these amazing tickets left. Additionally, everyone who purchases a ticket to the Lewis Black event on December 3rd at the Paramount Theatre will be supporting both Foolproof's American Voices and Planned Parenthood. By posting this ad in our newsletter, website, calendar and latest news, and by sending emails, we have qualified for a drawing on two tickets, floor level, for the Lewis Black event. The winner will be drawn on December 1st. Visit for details of the events and to purchase tickets.
Posted on: 11/18/2005 4:59:52 PM by
URL for more info:


Forty-Eight Scheduled for Hearings, 11/17/2005
King County Elections Director, Dean Logan, has issued letters to Lori D. Sotelo, challenger, and to 48 on the original list of 1,944 challenged voters indicating date/time/place for hearings: Thursday November 17, 2005, 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm at the Election Operations Center, 9010 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila.
Posted on: 11/13/2005 7:20:16 PM by
URL for more info:


Date and Times Approved by WSDCC, 11/12/2005
The Washington State Democratic Central Committee met in Ocean Shores on November 11-12, 2005. The dates and rules for the caucus cycle in 2006 were set and approved:

Precinct Caucuses: Saturday March 4, 2006 - 2:00 pm

Legislative District Caucuses: Saturday April 8, 2006

County Convention (except King County - Date - TBD): Saturday April 22, 2006

State Convention in Yakima: Saturday June 2-3, 2006.

Posted on: 11/13/2005 7:03:10 PM by
URL for more info:


Irons Calls Sims Before Midnight to Concede
Congratulations to King County Executive and his campaign staff!
Congratulations to King County Council Chair Larry Phillips and Council members: Dow Constantine, Bob Ferguson, Larry Gossett, and Julia Patterson.
And to the challengers Geni Hawkins and Shirley Gaunt-Smith, you ran terrific campaigns and we thank you -- we hope to see more of you.
It's another great day to be a Democrat!
Posted on: 11/9/2005 6:53:51 AM by
URL for more info:


You did it! With strong will and energy, you doorbelled in the wind and rain, and from the early results, it appears that the Democratic Party prevailed all over the County. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who worked on a Democratic campaign and did the work of the Party. You are the true heroes!
And Ron Sims mentioned you tonight at the Westin -- he thanked the King County Democrats and many other for their terrific support. GO DEMOCRATS!
Posted on: 11/9/2005 12:38:19 AM by
URL for more info:


Jason and Shanna Sawatzki Led the Effort


Jason Sawatzki

36th LD Democrats

(206) 632-3939

Republican Challenge Errors Continue to Be Found;

State Sen. Calls for Change in Challenge Laws

Seattle, WA 11/6/05- The Democratic party launched a rapid response campaign to the Republican challenged voters on Saturday in one of the key districts effected by the challenges. Jason and Shanna Sawatzki, who serve on the board of the 36th District Democrats, headed up a thorough canvass of the challenged voters in the overwhelmingly Democratic district, finding an additional 29 errors in the Republican challenge. The 36th legislative district is home to the Watertowne Apartments where residents were wrongly challenged by Republicans and have since had their challenges withdrawn.

“We were not about to let this blatant voter suppression get by us,” said Jason Sawatzki, the 36th district representative to the King County Democratic Party “We mounted a massive canvass to determine the legitimacy of the remaining 405 challenged voters in our district”

Sawatzki said the timing of the challenges is suspect. The challenges were filed only 13 days before the election and most voters did not receive notice of the challenges before this weekend.

Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles agrees. She is beginning to work on legislation to create a blackout period on challenges to the voter rolls immediately preceding elections.

“Voters must be allowed time to fix errors in their voter registration before being disenfranchised” said Kohl-Welles (D) “the voter challenge law will lose its legitimacy if it is being high-jacked for voter intimidation and political gain”

Kohl-Welles said the legislation she is working on would set a deadline for challenges before absentee ballots are mailed out. Challenges could also be lodged immediately following the election. This would allow for legitimate challenges to be lodged while also allowing voters who have made errors time to fix their registrations, says Kohl-Welles.

The finding of the Democratic canvass concluded that an additional 29 voters were registered at legitimate addresses. Democratic canvassers made contact with 11 of these voters in person at these addresses.

“Most of these people were irate,” said Sawatzki “They were mad when they received notice of the challenge and even more livid that they were not dropped from the list along with the Watertowne residents. Some had not even received notices as of Saturday”

Cheryl Wilson, one of the challenged voters contacted by the volunteers said, “Not only have I been a registered voter in King County for 10+ years now, I've been legally registered at my current address (a 4 unit condo building) as a voter for the last 11 months.”

“Tuesday is my birthday, so I’m amused and annoyed,” continued Wilson, “but the biggest concern I have with this is that there will be some people who receive the letter of challenge, who will (erroneously) think they have done something wrong, and won't vote. In a state where last year 129 votes made a difference in a race, and in our political climate in general these days, this can make a huge difference. I'm all for voting integrity and elections reform, but not for partisan voter intimidation.”

The canvass also determined the reason for many of the post mail boxes that appeared on the list. In talking with the proprietors of the mail box businesses the canvassers learned that the majority of the names were people who lived on boats. According to state election law, these voters need to put their residency as the address of their marina and list a second mailing address when they register to vote. Many of these voters are in the process of correcting the error in their registration through the King County election hotline.

“These are not bad faith voters,” said Sawatzki “They simply made an error in filling out their registration, since their living situation is in an area of the election law that is not widely understood. They are correcting the error now, but these are eligible voters, many of whom were not allowed to remedy their voting status before they cast absentee ballots.”


Additional Contacts:

Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles

(206) 285-1869

Shanna Sawatzki

(206) 854-3341

Cheryl Wilson

(206) 283-0719


Posted on: 11/6/2005 6:06:26 PM by
URL for more info:


Goldy Finds the Story on Irons' Behaviour
Access -- learn what the people who have worked for and with the r's illustrious candidate for King County Executive have known for many years. Three cheers for some very good, investigative reporting.
Posted on: 11/5/2005 6:32:35 AM by
URL for more info:


Shameful and sloppy, at best
In reviewing the GOP challenged voter listing it leads one to a conclusion: this is what you would have with a GOP-led County. Make no mistake: This was a sleazy attempt at voter suppression and was aimed at KC Exec Ron Sims. His opponent is an inept, unqualified candidate and the GOP has to resort to this type of tactic: a challenge, full of errors - duplicates, triplicates, inactive voters and by their own admission, 140 rescinded challenges. Laughable is the claim that the interns made the errors -- did the interns sign the challenges? This is also a warm-up for the 2006 elections. Keep you eye on the bouncing ball and vote; vote Democratic and do not be intimidated by this shameful and sloppy attempt at obstructionism.
Posted on: 11/4/2005 8:59:45 PM by
URL for more info:


KCRE Open Tomorrow -- Special Number 206.205.5686
-----Original Message-----
From: Egan, Bobbie
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2005 3:11 PM
Subject: Elections office flooded with calls from challenged voters

Ron Sims

King County Executive

Department of Executive Services

Records, Elections and Licensing Services Division

News Release

Elections office flooded with calls from challenged voters

Hundreds of voters whose right to vote was challenged by Lori Sotelo, Senior Vice Chairman of the King County Republican Party, have contacted King County concerned their votes will not be counted for next Tuesday's General Election. Sotelo challenged the voter registration of 1,944 voters on Oct.26 on the basis that they have invalid residential addresses.

Hundreds of people have contacted King County elections after receiving notice that their right to vote had been challenged. Today, the King County Republican Party delivered a letter from Sotelo rescinding her challenge of 140 voters but has let stand the challenge to the others.

When someone files a challenge, the law requires King County to respond by sending notice to the voter. Our top priority to make sure all legally registered voters can vote.

"Our message is simple," said Logan. "We want people to vote on Tuesday. If they need to update their residential address, we'll be open tomorrow to accommodate those changes. If the address that has been challenged is a valid residential address - cast your ballot and be sure you are heard at the challenge hearing.

"We have set up a hotline and will work through the weekend to answer questions resulting from these challenges," said Dean Logan, Director of King County Records, Elections and Licensing. "We have heard from people who live on houseboats, above storage facilities and in homes that were built 80 years ago. We realize this challenge has caused confusion and angered many voters who have told us they live at a valid residence."

In addition to notifying voters of the challenge, as required by law, King County Elections has put in place a number of processes to encourage legally registered voters to cast a ballot and to help people update their residence address information.

Set up a special hotline to answer voters' questions and concerns;

Extended office hours Saturday, November 5 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. so people can come in and update their registration with a valid address; and

outreach to voters everywhere that they should not be discouraged from voting.

By law, a voter's registration is presumptive evidence of his or her right to vote in any election. A challenge may be made only upon the belief or knowledge of the challenging party that the voter is unqualified and the burden of proof lies with the challenger. According to RCW 29A.08.810 a challenge must be supported by evidence or testimony and can not be based on unsupported allegations or allegations by an anonymous third party.

King County Elections has put special procedures in place to track the challenged votes so they can be counted if the challenge fails and rejected if it succeeds. All challenged voters are flagged in the database. If they vote an absentee ballot, their ballot is flagged upon return and set aside to be considered at a challenge hearing held before the Canvassing Board. If they vote at the polls, they will be issued a challenged ballot that is placed in a sealed envelope separate from other ballots and considered at a challenge hearing held before the Canvassing Board.

If a challenged voter does not vote in the election, the challenge will be processed in the same manner as challenges made more than 30 days prior to the election where the Director of Elections holds a hearing and makes a decision based on an evaluation of the evidence.

Challenged voters can update their address by calling 206-205-5686 or in person at the King County Administration Building located at 500 Fourth Avenue, Room 553 tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please enter through the King County Courthouse located on Third Avenue between James and Jefferson Street.

# # #

Posted on: 11/4/2005 3:54:45 PM by
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--from one of the 1,944 GOP-Challenged Voters
Sent: Nov 4, 2005 11:03 AM
Subject: Who is Lori Sotelo and why doesn't she want me to vote?

My name is Kathleen Dolan and I am a voter in the 36th district.
I have lived at the same address--11 West Smith--for 30 years.
Yesterday I received a registered letter from a "Lori Sotelo" in Mercer
Island challenging my right to vote. No factual basis was given for
this challenge, issued through the County office of voter registration.
I learned yesterday that over 1900 voters have received a similar
letter--an unprecedented number, according to the county.

My vote on Tuesday will therefore be classified as questionably
legitimate, a "challenged vote", though there is no basis for this
in fact; my legitimate residence is easy to verify since I have voted
and paid taxes from this address for 30 years. This is a political
maneuver that needs to be investigated and exposed.

Thanks for your attention,
Kathleen Dolan
206 283 5731
206 795 4411

{ed: Lori D. Sotelo is the King County Republicans Senior Vice Chair in charge of their "Voter Integrity Project".....}

Posted on: 11/4/2005 1:09:09 PM by
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Celebrate with Democratic Candidates

King County Executive Ron Sims - Westin Hotel, Cascade Ballroom;

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels - Iver's Clams at Pier 54;

Seattle City Councilmember Richard McIver - The Four Seas, International District;

Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata - Mirabeau Room 529 Queen Anne Avenue;

Seattle Port Commissioner Lawrence Molloy - Mira' Lounge in Belltown;

Seattle Port Commissioner Candidate Lloyd Hara - Trattoria Mitchelli's, 84 Yesler Way

Posted on: 11/4/2005 9:59:42 AM by
URL for more info:


Update Reflects Changes to WSDCC Online Voter File
The PCO Training presentation is available under the "Get Involved" section on the left, navigational tool bar at this site. The revised materials include a new section on party history, revised online voter file section, names of Party officers, and a new background color of TRUE BLUE. This version is in PDF format for easy copying and editing.
Please provide any input to Thanks, suzie
Posted on: 11/4/2005 9:21:45 AM by
URL for more info:


Our US Senate leader, Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) invoked Rule 21 in the US Senate and despite GOP rumblings that we had no plan, The Senator gave a remarkable speech and received commitment for Phase 2 of the intelligence investigation,
Posted on: 11/2/2005 6:25:47 AM by
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The Week in Review: Not a Good One for the Bushies
Democratic leaders are stepping up and asking questions, with Rep Conyers (D-Michigan) at the front:[_]webleak28.html

Posted on: 10/28/2005 10:00:47 AM by
URL for more info:[_]webleak28.html


King County Executive Ron Sims Receives Newspaper Endorsement in His Bid for Re-Election
Congratulations to King County Executive Ron Sims on garnering the endorsement of the Seattle Post Intelligencer,[_]simsed.html

Posted on: 10/28/2005 9:23:35 AM by
URL for more info:[_]simsed.html


March for the Monorail
Hold Your Ground, Seattle!
March for the Monorail
Saturday, Oct. 29, 11:00am

*Interbay: Parking lot immediately north of Q Cafe, corner of Dravus and
southbound exit ramp off 15th Ave. NW.
*West Seattle: Southwest corner of Alaska and California at Alaska

Walk the route today. Ride above it tomorrow.

Dear Transit Supporter,

You may not realize much will be lost if the monorail is voted down Nov.
8. We'll have to give up 14 miles of public right-of-way that has been
bought and paid for and which offers Seattle the best chance for
elevated transit in our lifetimes.

Please join us Saturday as we walk the proposed monorail route from
Interbay to West Seattle, flagging the route with signs and streamers
(green, of course) to remind people that the rail service they've
dreamed of is literally in reach -- if they say yes to the monorail.

Marchers will begin at the north and south ends of the line and meet for
a rally at the "sinking ship" parking garage at James and Yesler in Pioneer
Square (distance: about 5 miles). Feel free to stop and rest near any of
the monorail station sites -- we'll have literature for you to hand out.

This is an excellent opportunity to show people what's at stake in the
Monorail vote.

A no vote means the state Legislature will disband the Seattle Monorail
Project and sell off the land purchased for the route. But it won't mean we
stop paying the monorail MVET. Instead, the Legislature will likely design
a transit package of buses and streetcars to spend the money on. What we
won't get is elevated rail service that guarantees congestion relief. .

A yes vote puts the local leaders who share our dreams for an elevated
transit system back to work getting it right. The SMP board and the
Seattle City Council have the authority to refine the project until it
as it should. A "yes" tells them to deliver; a "no" ends the discussion.

Ask yourself: Do you trust the Legislature to design your transit, or would
you rather empower local officials to build the elevated line they promised?

As for us: we'll take the land, and the local control.

Join us Saturday and show Seattle what the monorail decision is really
all about.

The 36th District Democrats
The 34th District Democrats
Kevin Fullerton, Sierra Club member
Scot Brannon, Sierra Club member
Cleve Stockmeyer, SMP Board member
Peter Sherwin, Transit Over Roads
Christian Gloddy, 2045 Seattle
Cary Moon, People's Waterfront Coalition

Posted on: 10/28/2005 6:19:21 AM by
URL for more info:


Official Statement plus Fact Sheet
King County Elections Director Dean Logan made an official statement today in response to the GOP allegations on more invalid voters -- available at,[_]10[_]26.htm

Use the link at the bottom of the article, to view the fact sheet.
Posted on: 10/26/2005 6:29:38 PM by
URL for more info:[_]10[_]26.htm


KCDCC Chair Responds

Re: Politicizing King County Records and Elections Activities

I am appalled at the level to which the Republican Party has gone in trying to embarrass and demean the work of the King County Records and Elections Department. It would appear that the GOP has not contacted the department to inquire about procedures for voter registration -- They seem to be looking at public records, but never giving the department an opportunity for explanation. The GOP seems intent on press coverage of any question, no matter how small the issue.

The Secretary of State’s office has provided a multitude of information, all seemingly ignored by the GOP.

Director Logan took on a very difficult job before the last general election – implementing new ‘off-the-shelf ‘ software applications, upgrading procedures and processes, providing new training internally and externally – under a GOP microscope, all the while.

It is time for the GOP to come to the table as problem solvers and not flame throwers. Every issue they have raised is for political gain and not for the greater good of the voting population of King County.

We all need to learn to work together and make the election process as error-free as possible.

Thank you,

Susan C. Sheary

Posted on: 10/26/2005 1:03:53 PM by
URL for more info:


She Proved One Person Can Make a Difference
The world lost a bright light today who will forever be remembered as the "Mother of the Civil Rights" movement. Rosa Parks, you made a difference and we thank you for your courage and conviction.

Posted on: 10/24/2005 8:37:41 PM by
URL for more info:

Duplicate emails

We are moving to an upgraded email system and you may have received multiple copies of an email last night. Sorry for the inconvenience.
You can update your subscription at: To unsubscribe, please use the link at the bottom of the email.
Posted on: 10/20/2005 8:35:32 AM by
URL for more info:


KCDCC Members Receive 10[%] Off on Tickets
Foolproof presents American Voices - A catalyst for awareness, empowerment and action -- Ambassador Joseph Wilson on Wednesday October 26, 2005, 7:30 pm, Town Hall - 8th and Seneca - Seattle. Also sponsored by The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, AM1090, and KUOW 94.9. KCDCC members receive 10[%] off on $35.00 ticket. For tickets or information, please visit the website listed here or call 206.325.2993.
Posted on: 10/14/2005 4:24:09 PM by
URL for more info:


Volunteer to Get the Vote Out
In the final month, the Sims campaign staff is organizing four separate "Super Saturdays" beginning Saturday, October 15th, to take Ron's campaign door-to-door to voters. It's crunch time and Ron asks you to commit your time and the soles of your shoes to the last crucial push to ensure victory November 8th!
Please save these the next four Saturdays to "Get Out The Vote" for Ron Sims, for Democrats. We will meet at the locations listed below to receive campaign materials, voter lists and instructions. From there, we will go into our neighborhoods to talk with voters about Ron and remind them to be sure to vote on November 8th. (Anticipate spending from 9:30 AM until 2 pm.)

Saturday, Oct. 15 at 10:30 AM
Meeting Location: Montlake Community Center at 1618 East Calhoun St. - Seattle

See link for directions

Saturday, Oct. 22 at 10:00 AM
Meeting Location: Ravenna Community Center at 6536 Ravenna Ave. NE - Seattle

See link for directions

Saturday, Oct. 29 at 10:00 AM
Meeting Location: Miller Community Center at 330 19th Ave. E. - Seattle

Saturday, Nov. 5 at 10:00 AM
Meeting Location: Labor Temple, Hall 8 at 2800 First Avenue (and Broad St.) - Seattle

Please call or email ( 206-683-3210 - cell) to let us know of your availability or if you have any questions. Also, please forward this invitation to activists who want to help.

* NOTE: While we are focusing on these Saturday efforts, if anyone wants to doorbell for Ron on any other days, we appreciate your desire to help! Please contact me. I'm happy to work with you, assign you a precinct, provide you with materials and instructions.

Thank you again for your help and support.

Lorrie McKay
Field Organizer
Ron Sims for King County Executive Campaign
206-683-3210 - cell
206-903-8197 - office

ALSO, were are participating in GOTV work in south King County with the help of Julia Patterson, Judy Woods (candidate for Kent Mayor) and the King County Democrats.

> Sunday, Oct. 23 at 10:00 AM

Meeting Location: Kent Senior Center at 600 East Smith Street in Kent

Posted on: 10/13/2005 7:15:13 PM by
URL for more info:


Now, It's On to the General Election!
King County Records and Elections completed the Sheriff's race recount activity on Tuesday October 4th. The results will be certified at 2pm October 5th at the Canvassing Board meeting. Now, it's onto the General Election and let's support our Democratic Candidates -- get onboard a campaign and support the Democratic message. GO DEMOCRATS!
Posted on: 10/5/2005 6:40:56 AM by
URL for more info:


According to the press release from King County Elections, there will be no manual recount activity as originally scheduled for October 3-6, 2005. The two candidates agreed to one recount, employing a little used statue allowing candidates to propose a mutually agreed upon alternative recount. That recount agreed upon will be a machine recount of 10 randomly, selected precincts in each of the 17 legislative districts. No recount workers are needed for October 3-6, only observers as assigned by the two parties. Thank you to all who stepped forward to help with the recount. We appreciate your support.
Posted on: 9/30/2005 8:32:20 PM by
URL for more info:


King County Sheriff's Race
If you would like to participate as a Democratic recount worker or observer at the KC Records and Elections effort at Airport Office Center (AOC), 9010 East Marginal Way, October 3, 4, 5, and possibly the 6th -- Please contact the King County Democrats at Hours will be staggered, 8:00, 8:30 and 9:00 am starting times, and orientation/training provided. Pay is approximately $12.70/hour.
Posted on: 9/29/2005 11:29:45 AM by
URL for more info:


Democrats Score 64[%] of the Ballots
Congratulations to all Democratic candidates in King County -- You put yourself on the line for the Party and we appreciate everyone of you. Now, it's on to the general election on Tuesday November 8th and let's win!!

Posted on: 9/22/2005 7:26:41 AM by
URL for more info:


And Attend the Primary Election Party
VOTE on Tuesday September 20, 2005 - 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Then attend the event sponsored by Mayor Nickels and the KCDCC at the Ocean City Restaurant at 609 South Weller Street in the International District - 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm. Buffet and bar along with door prizes of free dinners at the Rice 'n Spice, complements of the Rice 'n Spice owner. Democratic electeds and candidates will be in attendance. Suggested donation - $20.00.
Posted on: 9/19/2005 4:38:24 PM by
URL for more info:


The newsletter (including endorsements) is so big this month that it had to be posted in two parts.

Posted on: 9/14/2005 8:06:45 AM by
URL for more info:


Support the NO on I-912 Campaign
Dear Fellow Washingtonian:

This year, Washington State faces a critical vote concerning the future of our state. Voters will be asked in November to vote on Initiative 912, which would roll back a significant component of the 2005 transportation package (the gas tax) and derail our legislators’ hard work.

Our state’s transportation system is an aging, crumbling patchwork of roadways and structures that need to be fixed. The 2005 transportation package appropriates funds to pay for 274 projects across our state to improve safety and relieve congestion. These projects will be lost or crippled if Initiative 912 passes.

While many good interest groups have stepped up to the plate to fight Initiative 912, we believe there must be an activist-driven grassroots movement to defeat the initiative. Without a grassroots movement, we believe the campaign against Initiative 912 cannot be successful.

We have formed a new organization, Washington Defense PAC, to do just that.

Washington Defense is going to be a citizen-driven organization powered by activists who care about the future of Washington State. We’re going to be organizing and mobilizing to defeat the initiative, and we need you to be part of that effort.

We’re going to be organizing volunteer teams to campaign on a community level. We need volunteers to help us distribute materials, go to town halls and forums, write letters to the editor, make phone calls, and more. If you want to support our legislators and fight back against cynicism, please join us.

Sign up to volunteer:
We also need you to consider making a donation to help us with printing materials and getting out the message that I-912 is bad for Washington.


Proponents of Initiative 912 – led by talk show hosts Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson - are well-funded and will mount a serious campaign full of deceit and false messages. We can't let them win!

While our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, this disaster showed us what happens when we don't adequately fund improvements to transportation infrastructure and public safety measures. This type of disaster can happen to Washington.

If we chose to ignore our crumbling roads and bridges in favor of tax cuts, we will undoubtedly see more destruction than we could ever imagine. But that doesn’t have to be our future. Please join us in fighting Initiative 912. Become involved by volunteering and donating to our grassroots effort.


We can win, but only with your help.

Thank you,

Andrew Villeneuve, Co-Chair, Washington Defense
Greg Rodriguez, Treasurer, Washington Defense
Ray Minchew, Executive Director of Democracy for Washington
Susan Sheary, Chair of the King County Democrats
Tina Shamsheldin, King County Democrats Legislative Action Committee
Steve Smith, Chair of the King County Young Democrats
Ralph Gorin, Chair of the 45th District Democrats
Kayne McGladrey, Chair of the 5th District Democrats
Richard Kelley, Chair of the 43rd District Democrats
Scott White, Chair of the 46th District Democrats
Gwen Ranch, Chair of the 37th District Democrats
Peter House, Chair of the 36th District Democrats
Julian Wheeler, Chair, WA State Democratic Disabilities Issues Caucus

Posted on: 9/10/2005 8:03:51 PM by
URL for more info:


Sponsored by Mayor Greg Nickels and KCDCC
KCDCC will host an election night party on Tuesday September 20, 2005, 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm. The event is sponsored by the Neighbors for Nickels campaign and will have television and internet hookup as well as great hor d'oeuvres, no host bar, and many Democratic candidates. Place is the Ocean City Restaurant and Night Club, Ltd., 609 South Weller in Seattle. Come early, stay late and have good time with the Democrats!! Suggested donation of $20/person.
Posted on: 9/7/2005 8:24:03 PM by
URL for more info:


The 2005 Edition of "Let Them Eat Cake"
Write/Call our Senators and Congressman and let them know how outraged we are with the bizarre behavior of the Bush family in times of crises. This is absolutely insane that anyone could think that traumatized, injured, and displaced, New Orleans residents could be better off than they were before. What was Babs thinking? And then there is her son who claims to be a problem solver and says we will get through this...enough! Write a letter today, and then remember to keep giving in support of the needy.
Posted on: 9/7/2005 9:07:04 AM by
URL for more info:


Gregoire establishes KATRINA fund
Governor Gregoire has established "Washington Cares" a dedicated fund for
Washingtonians to support relief efforts in the Gulf Coast through the
American Red Cross.

Washington Mutual Bank is host to this dedicated account - 100[%] of the
money raised is going to the American Red Cross. Washington Mutual has
generously offered to match all bank employees' contributions to this
account as well as match the first $100,000 contributed by Washington

Starting next Tuesday Governor Gregoire plans to promote Washington Cares
to all state employees and to the general public.

Governor Gregoire is asking us to help her kick start this campaign by;

1. Making a (tax-deductible) donation to "Washington Cares" - Checks
will be accepted at all Washington Mutual braches beginning tomorrow.

2. Helping her identify community and corporate partners for Washington
Cares - Companies that will encourage their employees to give or even
companies like Washington Mutual that will match employee contributions.

3. Contact your friends and family to encourage them to participate in
Washington Cares.

Thank you.

An online payment facility will be provided soon.

--original message from Governor's office.
Posted on: 9/4/2005 10:35:02 AM by
URL for more info:

Help Get the Vote Out

Primary Election - September 20, 2005
King County Records and Elections' Voter Phamphlets arrived in 8/31/2005 mail boxes and over 587,000 absentee ballots have been mailed. If an absentee ballot voter has not received their ballot by 9/8/2005, please have them call 206.296.8683.
Help get voters to the polls in your precincts and remind them to bring identification, and talk about the changes in the ballots. We can help make this a good experience for voters by providing assistance. King County Records and Elections has a great website with all the new information at,
Posted on: 9/1/2005 6:45:15 AM by
URL for more info:


The King County Democrats elected a new Second Vice Chair at their meeting on Tuesday August 23rd, to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Marie Yamamoto. Mr. Rob Holland from the 37th LD Democrats was elected to serve as the new vice chair and chair of the community outreach committee. Mr. Holland is great community activist and Democrat. The Board welcomes this addition and looks forward to working with and for Rob. Rob will also be working with the South King County Democrats Diversity organizations. Congratulations, Rob on your election.
Posted on: 8/25/2005 7:15:35 AM by
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KC Dems Endorsements

View all of the King County Democrats endorsements from our August 23, 2005 meeting
The full list of endorsements is linked below:
Posted on: 8/23/2005 9:55:27 PM by
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Local Union 8 Needs Your Help
Join elected officials and legislators from around the country at a rally and press conference on the grassy knoll next to the Space Needle, Thursday August 18th, 5:00 pm -- look for the huge greedy rat!
The Space Needle claims to be a high-end restaurant but wants to give low-end treatment to their employees. For more information logon to the website listed below.
Posted on: 8/15/2005 6:37:21 PM by
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Candidate Forum on August 19th Cancelled
Since the Legislative Districts have done such a great job with candidate forums and endorsement meetings, the candidate forum scheduled for Friday August 19th at the Seattle Labor Temple has been cancelled.
Posted on: 8/15/2005 6:43:21 AM by
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New National Young Democrats of America - Secretary
KCDCC First Vice- Chair Rob Dolin was successful in his bid to become the National YD Secretary for the next two year term. He was elected today at the YD National Convention in San Francisco. Congratulations to Rob on a well-deserved victory!! We are very proud of this brilliant young man!!
Posted on: 8/6/2005 9:06:41 PM by
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Congressman McDermott Headlines Picnic

A bright sunny day and a beautiful crowd
Over 200 Democrats attended the annual King County Democrats Picnic at Woodland Park in Seattle on Saturday July 30th. Headlining the program was Congressman Jim McDermott; 48th LD Rep Ross Hunter served as MC and introduced all the electeds and candidates present. King County Executive Ron Sims and King County Council Chair Larry Phillips also addressed the crowd. Thanks to all the volunteers and Picnic Chair Sharon Mast, everyone had a good time feasting on hamburgers, hotdogs, and other offerings. Thanks to everyone who donated food and refreshment. GO DEMOCRATS!
Posted on: 7/30/2005 8:14:34 PM by
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Ron Sims Campaign Manager Will Address KCDCC

Rachel Bianchi to Speak on 7/26/2005
King County Executive Ron Sims' Campaign Manager, Rachel Bianchi, will speak at the next KCDCC meeting in Auburn on July 26, 2005 at approximately 7:30 pm. She will relate the 2005 Campaign Strategy. Please attend this next exciting meeting also featuring a reception for new KCC District 7 Candidate, Geni Hawkins.
Posted on: 7/23/2005 6:27:14 AM by
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We Demand More!

Sign Our Petition Against the Supreme Court Nominee
Two years of appellate court experience! We demand more of a Supreme Court Nominee. Certainly there were both men and women who had better credentials than Judge Roberts. Sign the KCDCC letter to our Senators Murray and Cantwell, opposing the confirmation of this nominee. This is nothing more than a payback for his 2000 work in Florida and his part in helping Kenneth Starr.
Posted on: 7/21/2005 6:36:22 AM by
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Marie Yamamoto Resigns Political Positions

KCDCC Second Vice-Chair Position Open
KCDCC Marie Yamamoto has resigned all political positions. We wish Marie well in her new ventures and thank her for her dedicated service to the Party.

The position of KCDCC Second Vice Chair is open, will be announced at the 7/26/2005 meeting and a new vice chair will be elected on 8/23/2005. Description of the responsibilities for this position are contained within the KCDCC By-Laws available at this site.
Posted on: 7/18/2005 8:33:47 AM by
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Dan Becraft Joins KCDCC Finance Committee

New Director of Business Development
Financial Manager, Dan Becraft, has joined the KCDCC Finance Committee as their new Director of Business Development. Dan will be in charge of developing better relationships with the business community in the Puget Sound area. He is also in charge of encouraging the purchase of advertisements in KCDCC publications. Dan met with the KCDCC Chair Susan Sheary and KCDCC Finance Chair Sharon Mast and will work closely with them in their upcoming capital fundraising activities. We welcome the enthusiasm and expertise that Dan brings to the committee.
Posted on: 7/18/2005 8:29:24 AM by
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July Newsletter posted

Posted on: 7/13/2005 8:18:56 AM by
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Candidate Dan Becraft Gives Up Campaign
Friday July 1, 2005, Dan Becraft, Candidate for Port Commission announced that he has stopped his campaign efforts. He thanked everyone who had supported and endorsed him and wished the other candidates well. For additional information regarding the decision, you may contact Mr. Becraft at 206.412.3535 or
Posted on: 7/1/2005 11:06:04 AM by
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KCDCC Nominates Candidates for KC Government
Tuesday, June 28, 2005, the King County Democratic PCOs gathered at BCC to nominate their candidates for the ten partisan races. They nominated:
KC Executive Ron Sims
KCC 1 - Bob Ferguson
KCC 2 - Larry Gossett
KCC 3 - No Candidate
KCC 4 - Larry Phillips
KCC 5 - Julia Patterson
KCC 6 - No Candidate
KCC 7 - Geni Hawkins
KCC 8 - Dow Constantine
KCC 9 - Roger Larson

Thank you to all participants, volunteers, and, of course, to our great Democratic nominees!! GO BIG BLUE!!
Posted on: 6/29/2005 1:58:54 AM by
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2005 Democratic Nominating Convention

Tuesday June 28, 2005 - 7:00 pm, BCC
Plan on attending and participating in the KCDCC 2005 Democratic Nominating Convention,
Tuesday June 28, 2005 - 7:00 pm at the Bellevue Community College Gymnasium. Nominations will be made for the ten, partisan King County positions (Executive and Council Members). Registration begins at 6:00 pm and refreshments will be available as well as Democratic merchandise. Contact the Chair at 206.622.9157 for additional information.
Posted on: 6/22/2005 6:38:05 AM by
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Candidate Questionnaires

Submit by August 1, 2005
All Democratic candidates for 2005 need to have questionnaires filed electronically with the KCDCC Chair by August 2, 2005. You may access the candidate list and questionnaire forms by clicking on the Endorsements link near the top of the KCDCC website home page.
Send to


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June newsletter posted

Read all about Democratic activities including the nominating convention

Posted on: 6/9/2005 11:53:41 PM by
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Another Great Day to be a Democrat!
Congratulations to Chair Paul Berendt and his legal team! You carried the banner for Governor Gregoire and won; we are so proud of your efforts in the Chelan County Court Case.

Posted on: 6/6/2005 9:51:07 AM by
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Protest Dick Cheney
Several local organizations will be at 7th and Pine in Downtown Seattle (across from the Grand Hyatt Hotel) to protest the appearance of Dick Cheney in support of Dave Reichert's re-election - Monday June 6, 2005 - 10:30 am.
Join in and let them know how you feel!
Posted on: 6/3/2005 3:52:30 PM by
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Nominating Convention Program Ads and Tabling

You may purchase an Ad or Table Space
Open to Candidates and Issue Campaigns: You may purchase an ad in the 2005 Nominating Convention Program: $25.00 for 1/8 page, $50.00 for 1/4 page, $100.00 for 1/2 page, and $200.00 for full page. You may also want table space at the convention for brochures, signs and other items: $10.00 per table. Please contact the KCDCC Chair at 206.622.9157 for purchases. Camera-ready artwork for the program must be made available by Monday June 20th. Let's make this a great convention!

Posted on: 6/2/2005 11:24:56 AM by
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Congratulations to the 37th LD Democrats!

37th LD Wins PCO Challenge
The deadline for adding PCOs eligible to vote at the 2005 Nominating Convention at BCC June 28th, has passed. A challenge was made to LD Chairs to increase their numbers for the event and the 37TH LD DEMOCRATS HAVE WON THE COMPETITION! They have added 54 new PCOs since December 4, 2004. Four tickets to the KCDCC picnic on Saturday July 30th Noon at Lower Woodland Park - Shelter 1 will be awarded to the 37th.
Thanks to all for your participation
Posted on: 5/31/2005 8:35:11 AM by
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Candidate list posted

See who is running for which positions in 2005 and read their candidate questionnaires

Posted on: 5/24/2005 8:42:58 AM by
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Sign the KC Dems petition to save the filibuster

Add your name to our petition to Senators to save the filibuster

Posted on: 5/17/2005 11:36:50 PM by
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Endorsements Information Posted

Information on the KC Dems Endorsements Process and Candidate Questionnaires have bene posted

Posted on: 5/11/2005 11:18:39 PM by
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May KC Dems Newsletter posted

Posted on: 5/11/2005 8:42:10 AM by
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Bush in 30 seconds (social security)

View the flash animation on

Posted on: 5/9/2005 6:52:07 PM by
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Nominating Convention info posted on website

Information on the KC Dems 2005 Nominating Convention is now posted. See the link at the top of our home page

Posted on: 5/6/2005 8:11:19 AM by
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KCDCC - 2005 Nominating Convention

Become a PCO to Gain Voting Credentials
The King County Democrats will conduct their 2005 Nominating Convention on Tuesday June 28, 2005 - 7:00 at the Bellevue Community College Gymnasium at 3000 Landerholm Circle, Bellevue. Democratic Candidates for King County Executive and the nine council positions will be selected. Elected and appointed PCOs will have voting credentials. If you are not a PCO, you have until May 27th to apply to your District organization. Current PCO list is available here at this website under "Become a PCO" and District leadership is here under "LD Meetings" -- both on the left tool bar. If you can not become a PCO, contact your precinct rep to voice your opinion on candidates. Be a player -- get involved!! Meeting is open to the public.
Posted on: 5/4/2005 12:54:40 PM by
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A Watchmaker Whose Time Has Come and Gone

Reference: Tim Eyman Guest Columns
You'd think a watch salesman would recognize when his time has come...and gone. The watch salesman from Snohomish County, turned initiative king pin, Tim Eyman, has indicated more mayhem from Mukilteo is on the way. Following a failed initiative at the polls last November to radically expand gambling in Washington State, and a failed attempt to place a measure on the ballot that would have gutted k-12 education, the professional initiative profiteer now indicates that he will be providing us with yet another opportunity to line his own pockets.

Tim Eyman recently announced plans to eliminate funding for the replacement of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and the 520 bridge, two highways that could crash and splash in the next major earthquake or storm. He also wants to eliminate park and ride lots, bus service and expanded commuter train service in the Puget Sound region. And he proposes to let voters across the state, in places like Omak, Ritzville and Walla Walla make this decision for us through a statewide initiative that would usurp local control.

Eliminating local control is a model familiar to Eyman. In 2002, Eyman succeeded with an initiative that allowed voters across the state to eliminate funding for local roads and transit in King County. Voters in 36 other county's across Washington State that weren't paying to maintain our roads and bridges got to tell us that the dangerous bridge that needed replacing could wait and that we should just learn to tolerate the wear and tear on our vehicles caused by shoddy roads. Whether a pothole was to be fixed in Auburn was decided by a voter living in Potlatch. King County voters rejected Eyman's "pothole" initiative, but we are forced to live with the results in more expensive car repair bills, time stuck in traffic and the rising cost of road projects that remain incomplete.

Now Eyman intends to launch a preemptive strike against efforts to finally address the traffic congestion that is clogging Puget Sound highways like 167 and I-5 and harming our economy and quality of life. His latest measure would prevent our region from moving forward with plans to expand transit service and address safety projects like the Viaduct and the 520 bridge.

Regional leaders have been working to develop a plan to address the chokepoints on our highways, the gaps in our HOV system and the need for more transit in the Puget Sound region. This plan would require approval from Puget Sound voters. For years the state has used King County residents' gas tax dollars to maintain and build highways in rural parts of the state, while our own roads were being consumed with congestion. The Puget Sound economy has suffered from the under funding created by this arrangement, as businesses struggle to get their goods to market and workers spend hours and hours on congested highways.

Our state legislators recognized that we needed more local control to get a handle on our suffocating traffic congestion in the Puget Sound region and gave us the ability to develop our own plan to submit to our voters so that we could keep our tax dollars here at home. Eyman's latest effort, which is being funded by wealthy individuals from Ravensdale to Tucson, would derail this plan entirely. He would leave our congestion problem in the hands of the voter in Potlatch, who, by the way, still hasn't gotten around to fixing our potholes.

Susan C. Sheary, King County Democrats Chair

Posted on: 5/4/2005 12:47:44 PM by
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Contact Your Senators and Representatives

Senate Leader Frist Calls for June Vote on Social Security
Contact our representatives in Washington, D.C.
Push back the Bush attack on Social Security -- let them know that this is a very bad plan.
Paul Krugman of the New York Times writes:

“The important thing to understand is that the attempt to turn Social Security into nothing but a program for the poor isn't driven by concerns about the future budget burden of benefit payments. After all, if Mr. Bush was worried about the budget, he would be reconsidering his tax cuts.”

“No, this is about ideology: Mr. Bush comes to bury Social Security, not to save it.
His goal is to turn F.D.R.'s most durable achievement into an unpopular welfare program, so some future president will be able to attack it with tall tales about Social Security queens driving Cadillacs.”

Paul Krugman, New York Times, May 2, 2005

Posted on: 5/4/2005 6:37:45 AM by
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HB 1515

A note from Rep. Ed Murray
Dear Friends,

I am writing to give you an update on the status of House Bill 1515, the anti-discrimination act.

As many of you know by now, opponents of the bill used parliamentary procedures in an attempt to kill the bill two weeks ago. The bill remains in committee and it must be brought to a vote on the Senate floor before Sine Die, the last day of session. If this doesnt happen, we wont have another chance at passing this bill until next session at the earliest.

Hope still remains that the Senate will bring the bill to a final vote before the whole body. We are working tirelessly in these last days to make this happen. Because of the pace of the session, there will be very little notice should action on the bill take place. Even I will not know more than a few minutes ahead of time.

When and if the bill is brought to a final vote, my staff and I will do our very best to keep you informed. Rest assured, the floor debate will be televised live on TVW, channel 23 for most cable providers.

If we prevail, the House must vote again to concur with the changes the Senate made to the bill, which will likely be the following day of Senate action. I invite you to attend this historic vote in the House. It is absolutely important that we as a community fill the House galleries as an expression of our solidarity in this milestone for equality.

That said, there is no guarantee that we have the 25 votes for the bill even if the Senate takes a vote. I am hopeful though.

Regardless of the outcome of the vote (should it happen) we will be holding a press conference the following day (if we prevail, it will be immediately following the House concurrence vote) to comment on our success or to reaffirm our commitment to fight another day. In either instance, it is necessary that this community support be present. Again, the notice will be short, but I ask for your understanding and ATTENDENCE.

I hope the next e-mail you get from me is announcing that the Senate is preparing floor debate on the bill. We are close to achieving what has long been overdue.

When I started in the Legislature, I could have never imagined the journey that this issue has taken us. It has enabled our community to grow, develop, and strengthen into the driving force behind so many of our past and future successes. Id like to thank you for your hard work and support to get us to this point.

Whatever the outcome this week, I am certain that this driving force and sense of community will see us through.

Thank you.


Edward B. Murray
State Representative
43rd District
Posted on: 4/18/2005 10:52:02 PM by
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Just how tangled up in Tom DeLay's House of Scandal is Dave Reichert?

Dave Reichert has taken $10,000 from Tom DeLay's ARMPAC. No surprise that Reichert voted with Tom DeLay 97[%] of the time between Jan. 3 2005 and March 31 2005.
Dave Reichert voted to weaken the ethics rules in a move that many say served only to protect Tom DeLay.
Does the integrity of the House mean so little that Dave Reichert would sacrifice it to defend Tom DeLay?

When Democrats offered a solution to clean up the House by strengthening ethics rules, Dave Reichert voted to make sure it never even came to an up or down vote.
So instead of a bipartisan effort to get government working for Americans, Dave Reichert stood for cronyism and partisan politics.

1. Contributions from ARMPAC: $10,000 2. Voting percentage with DeLay: calculated through: 97[%] 3. Vote to weaken ethics rules: H Res. 5, Roll Call #6, 1/4/05 YES 4. Vote to table Democratic solution: H. Res. 153, Roll Call #70,
3/15/05 YES

Posted on: 4/17/2005 7:49:34 AM by
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Benefit to the 2005 KCDCC Nominating Convention in June
Join the King County Democrats at a spring cleaning sale (furniture, office equipment, kitchen items and much more) at the Renton Carpenters Hall on Saturday April 16, 2005 - 10:00 am. All proceeds will benefit the Nominating Convention on June 28, 2005. Items will also be available from the closure of the downtown office. The office closes on Friday April 15, 2005, 5:00 pm.
Posted on: 4/15/2005 4:50:41 AM by
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April Newsletter posted

Posted on: 4/10/2005 9:30:58 PM by
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Speak your mind at forums on 2004 Election
The King County Elections Department and the League of Women Voters of Greater Seattle are hosting Election Town Hall meetings in two locations (4/12 and 4/14, as noted on our calendar). This is an opportunity to voice your opinion and to discuss potential action steps for elections improvement.
Posted on: 4/8/2005 8:32:38 PM by
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Young Democrats Convention April 8-10 in Spokane

Join Young Democrats from around the state for the annual convention and training sessions

Posted on: 4/3/2005 9:12:52 PM by
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Letter from Governor Dean

Read a letter from Goveror Dean (aka DNC Chair Dean) talking about his recent travels and DNC appointments
Over the past month, I've had the opportunity to see many of you as I traveled to Mississippi, Kansas, Michigan, Oregon, New York - and just this past weekend to the Democrats Abroad meeting in Toronto.
Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Tennessee where I will continue to demonstrate what I believe we Democrats must do everywhere -- 'show up' in every part of the country.

As we conclude our month long transition period, I wanted to give you a quick update on what we've been doing.

Today, I will announce the following senior staff appointments. Tom McMahon will become Executive Director of the DNC. Tom has worked closely with me for a number of years, and I am happy - and grateful - that he has agreed to join me at the DNC. Prior to moving to Vermont, where he worked on my campaign for President and later served as Executive Director of Democracy for America, Tom worked in the Clinton Administration at both the Pentagon and the White House.

We will also announce today that we are establishing a new Office of Intergovernmental Affairs. Moses Mercardo, who worked on Capitol Hill for Dick Gephardt for six years and who was most recently New Mexico state director for the Kerry Campaign, will be the Director of that office. Karen Finney, our new Communications Director, was most recently Deputy Chief of Staff for Senator Debbie Stabenow.
Prior to working on the Hill, Karen served as Director of Communications for Elizabeth Edwards and Press Secretary for Senator Hillary Clinton during her senate campaign. Mike Gerke, our new Research Director, served in that role for the Kerry Campaign and at the DSCC. Prior to that, Mike worked at the White House and at the AFL-CIO. Matt Nugen, who previously worked at the DNC, will be Director of the Chairman's Office. Maura Keefe, Leah Daughtry, and Brad Marshall, whom many of you know already, will also serve as part of my senior management team * as will Craig Kirby who will be Director of the newly created office of the Vice-Chairs.

During my campaign for Chair, I made a commitment to strengthen our party from the grassroots up. I have asked Pam Womack, who was most recently with the Democratic Governors Association, to lead the effort of working with the state parties to identify the resources and programs that they need to have in place to maximize their efforts on behalf of Democrats around the country. Pam has already assembled a team made up of individuals, who have either worked directly for or with state parties, and who will work with her on this effort. They have already held extensive meetings with one state party, and will be on the ground this week working with another. Next week her team will be on the ground in three other states.

Also this week, I am appointing an Ad Hoc Committee on Budget and Finance. This committee will be co-chaired by Bonnie Watson Coleman, Chair of the New Jersey State Democratic Party and Allan Katz, DN C Member from Florida. The other committee members are Linda Chavez Thompson, DNC Vice Chair, Patsy Arceneaux, DNC Member from Louisiana, Bel Leong-Hong, DNC At-Large Member from Maryland, Jim Pedersen, Chair of the Arizona State Democratic Party, Ben Johnson, DNC At-Large Member from the District of Columbia, Joe Moore, Chair of the Democratic Municipal Officials, and Andy Tobias, DNC Treasurer.

Later this week, I will be announcing the national co-chairs of the DNC's National Lawyers Committee. The Lawyers Committee will be housed and staffed out of the DNC and its members * volunteer lawyers from around the country -- will immediately focus on monitoring and taking action on voting rights and election administration issues in the states. They will also provide assistance on other issues important to the party.

This has been an exciting and busy month of activity and a lot of work lies ahead. I look forward to working with all of you in the months ahead as we continue to build a stronger democratic party.

Governor Howard Dean
Posted on: 3/25/2005 7:49:43 PM by
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George Lakoff coming to Seattle

Hear from the author of Dont Think of An Elephant
Hosted by
Posted on: 3/25/2005 7:44:34 PM by
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Congratulations to Honors Banquet winners

Thanks to the votes of KC Dems website visitors, we selected winners for our 2004 Honors Banquet
See the page below for the list of winners
Posted on: 3/20/2005 11:33:35 PM by
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Limited Honors Banquet tickets still available

Buy your tickets now for the KC Dems Honors Banquet this Friday

Posted on: 3/16/2005 9:44:53 AM by
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Vote for Honors Banquet nominees

Vote for who you think should be the winners of the 2004 Honors Banquet Awards

Posted on: 3/16/2005 9:43:16 AM by
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March Newsletter Posted

Posted on: 3/8/2005 10:42:39 PM by
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Builders group uses trickery to check out voters signatures

Article from the March 4 Seattle Times by David Postman, chief political reporter
Builders group uses trickery to check out voters signatures

By David Postman

Seattle Times chief political reporter

OLYMPIA — A "Home Ownership Survey" sent to hundreds of King County residents, along with a $10 check as an incentive for returning it, wasn't really designed, as it claimed, to help project housing trends in the Puget Sound region.

The three-question survey and the check are part of a plan by backers of former Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi to search for fraudulent votes cast in the disputed November election.

The surveys were sent to more than 400 voters whose absentee ballots were questioned after the election and who signed post-election affidavits to ensure their ballots were counted.

The Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) sent the mail in January and February in the hope that the surveys would be signed and the checks endorsed. That would give the builders group signatures to match against the affidavits, which were collected by Democratic volunteers and helped Democrat Christine Gregoire win the election.

Differing signatures

So far the homebuilders association has received about 120 checks or surveys back, according to Tom McCabe, its executive vice president.
About 20 of those raise questions for McCabe.

Some of what he's found appears suspicious at first glance. Some signatures on voter affidavits submitted by Democrats in November do not match signatures on surveys and checks the builders group collected from the same people.

McCabe said he suspected Democratic volunteers forged signatures.

State Democratic Party Chairman Paul Berendt said that's untrue. He said hundreds of volunteers worked over several days to collect signatures. He said they were trained and worked in pairs.

He said what McCabe did should be against the law.

"It's very unseemly. It actually is stealing people's signatures," Berendt said. "What he's done is essentially a form of identity theft.

"Boy, those BIAW people are so devious."

A few voters contacted this week agreed and said the signatures on their affidavits were theirs.

Two said they also had signed the survey or check but purposely used a different style signature than what was on their affidavit. One woman said her husband signed the $10 check and deposited it.

Seattle voter Arthur Pasette remembered the survey and the check and didn't give either much thought.

"If someone is giving me 10 bucks ... I'm taking it," he said.

Pasette, a retired physician, used far different signatures on his voter affidavit and the check. When he signs checks, he said, he writes more legibly and spells out his first and last name. On the affidavit he used a more stylized signature, with his first initial, last name and a giant loop around it all.

Yesterday, he paused for a moment as he was moving in to his new Madison Park home and signed both his signatures again as a demonstration.

Berendt said that many volunteers who collected signatures said voters told them their signatures on the ballots didn't match the signature on file with the county because they, too, use different types of signatures depending on what they sign.

In Duvall, Christina Spears-Bartunek looked at the signatures and had a quick answer for why the signature on the check was so different from the one on the affidavit.

"My husband signed the check," she said.

She was not happy about what she thought was a deceptive survey.

"I think it's crappy," she said. "I don't think it's good at all."

Cheryl Triplett said she has a "generic signature" and an "official signature." The survey got the generic. The affidavit got the official.

She does that out of fear of identify theft, she said. She doesn't want to put anything through the mail with her official signature.

In fact, that's what got her ballot tossed initially. She used the generic signature on the absentee ballot because it was going through the mail. When it didn't match her signature on file at King County, her ballot was rejected.

She said she thought she had been tricked into giving her signature.

"I think you should be honest about it. If the Republicans would have come to my door, I would have said, 'This is my signature.'

"I just think that's an underhanded way to go about things."

The builders association is a potent political force, contributing large amounts to Republican candidates and promoting its own initiatives and referenda.

Since the election, the group has worked to find evidence Republicans could use in their lawsuit.

Lack of action criticized

The affidavits also fueled McCabe's efforts to look for felons who voted in the election. When he received a copy of the affidavits in November, he found names of a few people who had been convicted of felonies.
That led him to a full-scale effort, using almost his entire 30-person staff at one point, to search voter rolls and court records for felon voters.

That work was turned over to Rossi's attorneys, who used it to supplement their work collecting evidence for a lawsuit asking that the election be overturned.

The felon search has been high profile and labor-intensive for the builders group. But on the housing survey and signature-matching project, McCabe toils mostly alone, and usually at night after the group's offices are nearly empty.

"I'm like the old weird uncle in the basement," McCabe joked.

Before sending the surveys, McCabe compared a few signatures from the affidavits to court records and became suspicious about what looked like mismatched signatures.

"Scientists say that you shouldn't do an experiment if you have a conclusion already. I had a conclusion. I thought they had cheated," he said.

The survey came with a cover letter that told people they had been "selected to participate in a market research study being conducted by the Building Industry Association of Washington."

"Our association is conducting this study to help estimate trends in home ownership and demographics relating to home affordability in the Puget Sound Region."

The voters were told they wouldn't be contacted again and — even if they didn't fill out the survey — "we would like you to accept the enclosed check as a thank you for your time."

McCabe said that even if there are no forged signatures, he's glad he began the effort because it led him to the wider hunt for felon voters. He remains frustrated, though, that law enforcement has not been interested in his findings.

He urged U.S. Attorney John McKay to investigate.

In January, after The Seattle Times published an investigation that found 129 felons voted in King and Pierce counties, McCabe e-mailed McKay to point out the story and ask, "Why are you not investigating?"

McKay responded that the governor's election dispute was mostly a matter for state authorities.

"Given the contest now pending in state courts, state venues continue to exist for the matters you identify, although FBI will continue to receive any information you may have in addition to matters identified in the media," McKay said in an e-mail to McCabe. "Ironically, should a federal investigation proceed in cases like this we are rarely in a position to confirm it."

Emily Langlie, a spokeswoman for McKay, said a number of people have contacted the office with concerns relating to the election.

She said the office's long-standing policy is to neither confirm nor deny an investigation until charges are filed or it becomes part of the public record.

McCabe said yesterday he's not sure what his forgery investigation will turn up. But he remains suspicious.

"There are a lot of questions here that deserve an answer and deserve an investigation by someone other than Tom McCabe," McCabe said.

David Postman: 360-943-9882 or
Posted on: 3/6/2005 11:20:45 PM by
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MoveOn announces Social Security Ad contest

The liberal advocacy group announced this week that it is sponsoring a nationwide contest to develop an Internet ad attacking the Bush administration's plans to restructure Social Security.

Posted on: 3/6/2005 11:17:36 PM by
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The Fact and Myth of the Social Security Privatization Proposal

KCDCC - LAC Offers Educational Review
The King County Democrats - Legislative Action Committee (LAC) has prepared a presentation on the Fact and Myth of Social Security Privatization.
It is offered here for your review and use. You may also copy and edit for your respective organizations. Contact LAC Chair Toni Lysen at for more details.
Posted on: 3/3/2005 9:28:26 AM by
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Legislative Alert: Thank Democratic State Senators for Resolution

Senate Joint Memorial 8014 has been introduced in the State Legislature requesting that Congress and the Administration reject the current effort to privatize Social Security...

SAVE SOCIAL SECURITY - Senate Joint Memorial 8014

has been introduced in the State Legislature

requesting that Congress and the Administration

reject the current effort to privatize Social

Security and instead engage in an open dialogue with

the American public to arrive at a sensible solution

that preserves Social Security insurance as the

fail-safe program for elderly and disabled as it has

been for the last 70 years.

Sponsors of the memorial: Senators Thibaudeau (main sponsor) Jacobsen, Fairley, Brown, Prentice, Regala, McAulliffe, Rockefeller, Fraser, Rasmussen, Weinstein, Kline, Keiser, Kohl-Welles

A hearing was held March 1 just in time for the March 2nd cutoff day to report bills out of policy committee in the house of origin except House fiscal committees and Senate Ways & Means and Transportation committees.

An update will be sent when available.

Please write your senators to thank them for sponsoring this. While it may seem out of context for the State Legislature to occupy themselves with a federal issue, as many voices in opposition to privatization as possible are needed to keep the pressure on the Congress and the White House. And, the increased federal debt that privatization would cause affects state government budgets and all of us.

Toni Lysen

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Vote for Awards Nominees for KC Dems Honors Banquet

You can choose who gets awards at the KC Dems Honors Banquet. Vote on the KC Dems website

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Send a letter to the editor

Let local media know how you feel. Use the Media Links on the King County Dems website

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King County Council Member Julia Patterson and Special Guests
KCDCC sponsors World AIDS Forum conducted by King County Council Member Julia Patterson and her very special guests: Rep David Upthegrove, the honorable Mayor of Renton, Kathy Keolker Wheeler, and King County Council Member Larry Gossett. The Lifelong AIDS Alliance of Seattle will provide speakers and the event benefits their cause. Please come and join in the discussion and enjoy a light breakfast. Suggested Donation - $25.00
Saturday February 26th, 10:30 am at the Renton Carpenters Hall, 231 Burnett Avenue North.
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Foolproof Presentation Cancelled

DNC Chair Howard Dean Event Cancelled
The presentation of Governor Dean at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle on March 6th has been cancelled.
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Carpool with your District members...
Chair Toni Lysen and her Legislative Action Committee have scheduled a great day for you in Olympia on President's Day: MONDAY FEBRUARY 21st. Carpool with others in your district, arrive in Olympia to watch hearings, tour the newly renovated facilities and share a brown-bag luncheon in the John L. O'Brien Building with your legislators. Contact your District LAC Rep or Toni at for more details.
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An Evening with Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun
Tickets are on sale ($20/person, $40/person including V.I.P. reception, $15/students) for an evening with former Presidential Candidate, Ambassador, and former Illinois Senator, Carol Moseley Braun: FRIDAY FEBRUARY 25TH, 7:00 pm at Benaroya Hall, 200 University Street, Seattle. Sponsored by the non-profit organization, AND JUSTICE FOR ALL
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From Gov. Dean: Your new job

On Saturday, I was honored when your representatives on the Democratic National Committee elected me Chairman. And I can't wait to get started. But when they voted, it wasn't about me -- they were voting for a plan for the future of our party.
You run this party.

On Saturday, I was honored when your representatives on the Democratic National Committee elected me Chairman. And I can't wait to get started. But when they voted, it wasn't about me -- they were voting for a plan for the future of our party.

That plan came from people like you -- from conversations I had with ordinary Democrats across the country. When those 447 people voted in Washington this weekend, they united around that plan.

Now I'm asking you to do the same. Those 447 people were a good start, but make no mistake -- I know that this is also your party. And our plan to reform the party can only become a reality with your endorsement.

Please read our plan -- and commit to making it a reality:

Your representatives in the DNC mandated bottom-up reform -- growing the Democratic Party in your neighborhood and every other community in America. They voted to compete in every state for every level of office. And they demanded a Democratic Party that stands up for itself and for an agenda that reflects our values.

They didn't elect me because they think I can accomplish these things. They elected me because I believe that only you can.

Every single one of us must take responsibility for building our party. It's not enough to simply vote for Democrats -- in order to win, every one of us must deliver our message and values into our own community.

That means changing the way we do business, and that's what this plan is about:

The Republicans' biggest victory has been to convince many Democrats that we can only win by abandoning our values and doing what they say.

It's one of their favorite tactics -- just watch how right-wing pundits talk endlessly about the internal politics of our party. They try to divide Democrats by ideology just as they divide all Americans by race or gender or faith.

But there is no crisis of ideology in the Democratic Party, only a crisis of confidence. Bill Clinton once described the Democratic Party's problems in the era of George W. Bush, saying that in uncertain times people would rather have a leader who is strong and wrong than weak and right.

He's exactly right. And we become both weak and wrong when we abandon our core values for short-term political gain. But when we Democrats talk straight and stand up for ourselves, we have a huge advantage: We are both strong and right.

We will only turn that advantage into victory if we make a concrete plan and work hard to execute it. Declare your support and offer feedback now on the plan to build an organization that will help us win everywhere, and win with pride:

Millions of Americans became Democrats last year. They sensed that they live in a society where ordinary people's problems and interests don't matter to our government. They chose the Democratic Party because we represent commonsense reform.

And millions more will become Democrats this year as we protect the Democratic Party's greatest achievement. We will not allow George Bush to phase out Social Security -- a Democratic policy that cured an epidemic of poverty among seniors and provides the guarantee of retirement with dignity.

Most importantly, millions of Democrats have become true stakeholders in our party. With grassroots action and small-dollar donations, you have taken our party's future into your own hands.

The stakes are too high to wait for others to lead. Every one of us has a personal responsibility for the future of our party -- and the future of our country.

This isn't my chairmanship -- it is ours. So let's get to work together.

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.
Chairman, Democratic National Committee

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Honors Banquet info posted including online sign-up

Information on the March 18 KC Dems Honors Banquet (including online sign-up) is now up on the KC Dems website.

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Social Security Privatization Presentation

KCDCC - LAC Offers Educational Review
Contact Toni Lysen, KCDCC - LAC Chair, or your local LAC representative to schedule a time/place for the online presentation on the Fact or Myth of Social Security Privatization.
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What are Kerry and Edwards up to?

Kerry is hosting an online public hearing and Edwards is starting a Center on Poverty, Work, and Opportunity
Read the comments for more details
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Ron Sims: Unanimous Endorsement from KCDCC

Unanimous Endorsement-Re-Election of King County Executive Ron Sims
The King County Democrats at their monthly meeting, January 25, 2005, gave unanimous endorsement of the re-election of King County Executive Ron Sims. The Executive was the featured speaker at a meet-and-greet reception before the general meeting, and gave a very inspiring talk about the need of staying blue, very blue. The KCDCC Executive Board then surprised him with an early decision. YOU GO RON!!
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Foolproof presents former Governor Howard Dean

Now What?
The first annual benefit for American Voices. Sunday March 6, 7:30 pm, Paramount Theatre; Dr. Howard Dean will headline the first annual benefit for Foolproof's American Voices. Dr. Dean and special guests Sherman Alexie, Congressman Jim McDermott and more to be announced will answer the question, Now What?
Purchase tickets online at
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KC Dems endorse Howard Dean for DNC Chair

The King County Democrats Exec Board passed a resolution endorsing Dr Dean for DNC Chair

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Website help page posted

If you would like information on how to use the functionality of our new website visit the new Help page

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Nominations are open for 2004 KC Dems Awards

Nominate your favorite King County Democratic Activist for an award recognizing their work in 2004

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Legislative Districts Re-organize

All of the Legislative District Democratic Organizations have completed their re-organizations.
You can find a list of meeting dates and times, along with web links at:
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DNC Chair Race

Read (and comment) about the race through this news item

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Regional Blacks in Government present their Annual Martin Luther King Dinner

Dr. Grace Cornish to Headline Annual MLK Dinner
The Regional Organization of Blacks in Government present their Annual Martin Luther King event at the SeaTac Hilton Hotel (17620 Pacific Highway South), Saturday January 15, 2005, 6:00 pm. Dr. Grace Cornish of New York will keynote the dinner. The event is black tie; requested donation of $65.00/person; $650 per table, $1,500 silver donation, $2,000 gold donation. Please call Azziem Underwood at 425-430-2652 for additional details.
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Myths and Facts about the election

Lets set the record straight with a rundown of myths and facts
Let?s set the record straight with a rundown of myths and facts.

Myth: We don't know who won

Fact: Christine Gregoire won the election according to state rules and has been legally certified by the Secretary of State. Counties

Myth: An election can be set aside because of errors

Fact: State law clearly says an election can only be set aside if there is clear evidence of fraud or errors that would result in a different outcome.

Myth: Dino Rossi is not trying to change the rules

Fact: Dino Rossi is taking the unprecedented step of calling for a new election, which could mean a constitutional amendment.

Myth: There are more votes than voters

Fact: Auditors say there are always discrepancies. Voting rolls are updated and changed beginning the day after the election. In fact, the safeguards for ballots are at the front end of the process, with signature checks and matches.

Myth: There is a significant problem of counting ballots from deceased voters.

Fact: There are actually very few of these problems uncovered. So far a total of eight out of 2.8 million votes cast. And nearly all uncovered so far were

Rossi votes.

Myth: Military voters were disenfranchised

Fact: Counties reported very few problems with military votes. In fact, U.S. troops had extra opportunities and extra time to vote, as they well deserve.

Options included a voting information officer in every unit to answer questions, and the ability to download a federal ballot from the internet and

write-in any state races. They didn't need to pay postage and only needed to sign and date their ballots. They didn't even need to be registered.

Myth: Errors have changed the outcome of this election

Fact: Sure there were problems, but according to state auditors and the Secretary of State?s office, the problems have been blown out of proportion with an accuracy rate of more than 99[%].

Call or email your legislator today and set the record straight.

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Tuesday January 11th - Legislative Certification

On Tuesday, January 11, 2005, the State Legislature will certify Christine Gregoire as Governor. Republicans, furious their candidate lost the election, now want to throw out all of the 2.8 million votes cast. Instead, they want taxpayers to foot the bill for a "do-over."

Join us in telling the Republicans to stop trashing this election and join Christine Gregoire in moving this state forward!

TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2005 - 10:30 AM
State Capitol, Olympia, Washington

To RSVP or for questions, contact Chris Hayler at or 206.328.2969.
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2005 Governor's Inaugural Ball

You are Invited to attend...
The Citizen's of the Greater Olympia Area invite you to attend
The 2005 Governor's Inaugural Ball

Given in honor of
The Governor
Members of the Supreme Court
State Elected Officials
Members of the 59th Legislature

Wednesday, the 12th of January
Two Thousand Five
Seven O'clock to Eleven Thirty in the Evening

Legislative Building and Esplanades
State Capitol Campus, Olympia, Washington

Tickets are $75 per person
You may mail your payment to: PO Box 1086 Shelton WA 98584
Phone: (360) 427-6881

You can call the office and order your tickets by phone.

You can pick them up in person in Olympia or have them held for you at will call.

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Testify Online About KC Council Redistricting

Online Access to Redistricting Maps/Testimony
Access the King County Council website to view the four redistricting plans and use the online testimony option to provide feedback.

Meeting and hearing dates/times/locations are also provided.
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Please call the toll-free Legislative Hotline in Olympia and tell your representatives to certify the election of CHRISTINE GREGOIRE.


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46th LD Dems State Party Chair candidate questionnaire

The 46th LD Democrats have posted their own quesionnaire and answers in the state party chair race.

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DFW State Party Chair candidate quesionn

Democracy for Washington has compiled responses to their quesionnaire sent to candidates for Washington State Democrats Chair

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Background on alleged discrepancies in Governors race

Read the background and find out what you can do. Included is a detailed e-mail sent from David McDonald, a WA Dems DNC member who has been very active in the recount

-----Original Message-----
From: David McDonald [[]]
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 8:15 PM
Subject: Background on "discrepancies"

Following is a somewhat lengthy email I prepared today with background
information on the "mystery voters" nonsense the GOP is pumping out. We'll
send out a shorter form tomorrow with talking points and bullets, but I wanted
you to have this version as a resource as quickly as we could get it to you.

Bottom line: Christine Gregoire won this election fair and square. We need to
call our legislators and demand they do their duty and certify her rather than
waste time and money on GOP attempts to get a do-over.

Anyway, here's the longer form with more backup:

Dear Democratic Friend:

You have no doubt seen the recent hysterical news releases from the Republican
Party and its allies claiming that there are large discrepancies between the
number of ballots counted in various counties during the 2004 election and the
current preliminary summary reports of voters whose voting histories have been
credited with voting in the election. I have been involved in watching
elections and election counts for 30 years. It is deeply concerning to me that
the Republicans are so irresponsibly flinging around misleading and irrelevant
information. Here are some basic facts that I urge you to remember when you
hear these Republican accusations:

1. The relevant question is whether ballots were issued to people entitled to
receive them and were the ballots handed in by persons entitled to cast them.
However, the Republicans are not looking at information that addresses this
question. The reports the Republicans point to are after the fact secondary
reports. That is, they are reviewing reports from voter registration data
bases. These data bases are not the actual record of who was issued a ballot
in the general election and who voted and they are not related to certification
of an election. The actual record of who was issued a ballot is contained in
the poll books and absentee ballots issuance records. The voter registration
data base is updated, after the election, to record the information contained
in the poll books and absentee records and is used in future years by campaigns
to generate mailing lists and news sources to determine candidates’ voting
records. As with all transfers of large volumes of information from one set of
forms to another, errors can happen and at some point it is not productive to
invest the time and effort to track all of them down.

2. The Legislature has enacted safeguards that ensure that ballots are only
issued to those entitled to vote. These safeguards are in place on election
day and prior to election day. All ballot issuance is done under public and
bipartisan observation. There is no evidence at this point from anyone that
there is any failure to implement and follow these safeguards. Stated simply,
there is no reason to believe that any ballots in this election have been cast
in violation of law. Whether or not a voter’s registration record—after the
fact—is correctly credited to reflect that the voter participated in the
election is irrelevant to the question whether the ballots counted were valid
ballots. Republican Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey said in the PI today,
when asked about reconciling the number of ballots counted in Clark County and
the number of voters credited with voting, that he has no plans to try to
account for 452 extra poll, absentee and provisional votes.
"It would be a huge task," Kimsey said. "You are looking through 121,679
absentee ballots, affidavit envelopes and through poll books where 50,598
voters cast their ballots.
"The controls that are in place in the election process ensure that only
registered voters are going to receive a ballot. While I understand the concern
that comes from seeing two different numbers, the controls are at the front

3. There is no indication that any ballots have been improperly introduced into
the counts after election day. The total number of ballots counted state-wide
in the initial count (2,883,499) is almost exactly the same as the total number
of ballots counted in the manual recount (2,884,783). The difference (1284) is
attributable to publicly reported adjustments that relate to situations such as
the 7 provisional ballots that were found in Whatcom County just prior to the
manual recount, the 224 ballots that were found in Snohomish County during the
machine recount, the 52 ballots that were found in Grant County during the
machine recount and the absentee ballots in King County that were the subject
of a unanimous Supreme Court decision in late December.

4. The ballots have now been counted fully, by bipartisan auditors, canvassing
boards, workers and volunteers, in compliance with the long standing procedures
and rules that the Legislature has set forth for determining who is the winner
of a state-wide election. That winner is now known. Her name is Christine

5. In fact, the ballots have been counted by the most accurate mechanism there
is for counting large numbers of ballots: a manual recount that followed a
machine recount. In such a count, every precinct is manually counted by teams
who must cross-verify their counts. The result is compared to the results from
the prior machine count and any difference between the two is investigated and
resolved. This approach combines the benefits of both types of count and is
far more accurate than either a machine count alone or a manual count alone.
This is not my opinion. It is the opinion of the Seattle Times and the
Secretary of State’s office, as reported in the Seattle Times 12/29/04 “your
questions answered” article:

“Under Washington state law, the hand recount is reserved for only the closest
elections. John Pearson, the state's deputy elections director, said the most
accurate recount is when a machine recount is combined with a manual one, such
as in this election, so the counts can be compared and rectified.”

6. Despite repeated attempts by Republicans to claim that machine counts are the
most accurate, the facts just don’t support the claim. Machine counts are
inherently inaccurate for at least two reasons. First, the hardware itself will
misread ballots. During the recounts, the Skagit Valley Herald obtained
information from the manufacturer of Kitsap County’s voting systems that 1 in
every 10,000 ballots could be expected to be misread and the vote credited to
the wrong candidate. Second, machines cannot fully determine voter intent. At
best, machines can read (subject to the errors above) ballots that meet certain
technical requirements as to ink used and form of marking. These technical
requirements are intended to facilitate machine counting. But the law in
Washington—and our long tradition—is that the voter’s intent, not the voter’s
ability to make it easy for a machine to count ballots—is what determines
whether a vote is counted. The Legislature has made this the standard and
charged human canvassing boards—not machines—with determining voter intent.
The inherent inaccuracy of machine counts is shown by the fact that over 4100
ballots that machines had failed to read were determined by canvassing boards
around the state to be valid votes for one of the three candidates for

This was a close race but it has a clear winner determined according to long
standing state law by bipartisan teams of election officials, workers and
observers counted the ballots in accordance with state law. It is time to move
on beyond this election and begin to address the problems and challenges facing
our state.

Call your legislator with a simple message: Chris Gregoire won the election.
Certify her and let her get on with addressing our state’s needs.

David T. McDonald
Recount Director
DNC Member
Washington State Democratic Party

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Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) list posted

This includes appointed and acting PCOs
If you are a PCO check the list to see that your information is correct. If you are not a PCO consider becoming one for your precinct or a nearby vacant precinct. Contact for details on becoming a PCO.
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Major KC Dems website update

Improvements include: login system, news
Improvements include:
* A login system with permission levels
* A news system with latest on the front page and an archive
* An "Acronym Dictionary"
* Access for "LD Power Users" to volunteer data
A list of additional work items is at:
If you have any additional suggestions, please e-mail Rob Dolin:
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Happy New Year

Posted on: 1/1/2005 12:00:00 AM by
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KC Dems Newsletter

The first issue of this cycle's newsletter is up
Posted on: 12/30/2004 12:00:00 AM by
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Congratulations Governor Gregoire

As reported by the Seattle Times and the WA Secretary of State, with all counties reporting, the latest results of the hand recount indicate Democrat Christine Gregoire has won the race for Governor by 130 votes!!!

Posted on: 12/23/2004 12:00:00 AM by
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PDC Training Announced

A free PDC training has been arranged by the KCDCC
Check the Calendar for details.
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Site update (2)

Added proposed by-laws and proposed officer appointments to officers page
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Site Launch

This site unofficially launches is pointed here
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Site update

Content from old website migrated
Including LD Meetings, Blog link, Media Links, and Organization Links
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Help with the Governor race recount

If you would like to help, contact Gurine at: 206-772-4268 or Suzie at 425-228-4729 or
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KCDCC Elections

KCDCC elects new officers at re-organization

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New Content

Try the new Volunteer Form and Calendar

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Blank Story

You have hit a blank story
Please use the back button to check your link. If you think the link is wrong, please report it to the webmaster:
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News leading-up to the 2004 Elections can be found in our old Blog

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